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I'm totally r j u prettier thank you but pretty quickly even zev was in over his head so they reached out to the modern day oracle google for help and deciphering the words in acronyms they saw mentioned in the posts also while you're on your phone can you please look up the difference between sativa indika because we're going to order and i should know effect yet indicate affect tend to be sedating and relaxing with full buddy effect sativa effects tend to be uplifting and creative with serie belief focused effects on the board for steve odu that sounds awesome a g orgies different in the end they settled on indika and preceded they were on journalistic mission after all to try in order one gram or they initiated personal chats with a bunch of sellers trust in gross mcdonough and that's the kind of dealer i want to have a relationship that's what i'm saying k moving onto cheesy mcduck face the angel has already responded montana we'd just accepted my request xoan sending them the message i'm sorry that i keep using the melburnians i'm sure some of these drug dealers are women a cheesy mcduck responded so let me this this but just before they have seal the deal with cheesy mcduck who they i got cold feet she was concerned about dangerous criminals entering her otherwise very much criminal free life who's the sky and may he's dangerous maybe he just wants to kill us that night though the dangerous criminals who they are feared turned out over the phone at least to be nice guys and more than anything they just got a kick out of zagreb's lack of experience the doctor has responded.

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