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That's that's the whole thing that was a hard part because I kind of tapered off in ninety six was arrested in full-time anymore. Started training going road. Wrestling guys were with the guys I was training. Sometimes. So even when I got released because I'm still training gas is still in but. Released twice in this last time. It took me a little longer because I was so used to being around it. And so used to doing what I was doing. And it took me good. I thought probably about three years to you know, because you're not calling everybody. You know, I stayed in touch with a couple of people from there. But then again, we don't see everybody all the time. You don't talk all the time. And it's just everybody gets busy doing things. And you know, it is one of those things even even to this day. You know, you're still wired different. Just for the fact of what you've done, and I think about that ad never really had a normal life. No matter growing up or it's eventually when it got the especially when Mark Lewin came into my life. I thought oh my God. Gazes? If this is the way it's going to be but Lewin, you know, because he was so far out there in a new about him and king Curtis. He would tell stories about king Curtis in. He would tell stories about the cookie, you know, those those members really haven't left me, you know, I still consider myself again like like, you said as well, it you still heart of the business because is just something that's in you as long as you're live. I think that's going to be a part of it. You know, maybe not the main part anymore. But at the same time, you something so much ingrained in me for all my life that I don't think I'll ever fully get that feeling outta me. Man. I had some some high times a low times on a road. Like a lot of guys did. And then again, van I got out of the business and the woman I ended up marrying was never professed a wrestling fan as she was a special education teacher and some of her students brought a calendar to class and she saw him in a gym. And as my buddy. Trading partner who ran a gym is at that stone gun, and he yeah, we trained together. And she said, do you think you'll come read to my students on Lou skit, anyway, fourteen years later, we're together greatest thing at one of the greatest things ever happened to me as we were trying to get set up for this podcast argue wife in a background how long have you been married? A humble be married. Eighteen years December mouth holy cow. How'd you do that? Well, I was I was a member of the he man woman haters club for longest time. You know? I really was you you saw my picture everywhere. But it's funny store. She's she's thirty white girl sister. I hadn't seen her in years in the one nine at call. The I was calling the dirty white boy from Stanford. I was in Connecticut downtown Stanford. That tells you anything at the Biltmore run across Stanford mall, you've been to the Stanford mall. I think I have I think. Yep. To anyway. So I'm right down there. If that gives you any idea where I'm at in I called Tony south. And she answered the phone because she was she was staying with Tony Kim. She she'd been in a bad marriage in the Senate western talking to her. And I thought, you know, she sounds nice and she's like twenty seven at that time. And I thought why don't we get together one night? And she's in Tennessee. And I'm a Stanford I flew in a weekend like fluid on a Friday to flout go towns on a Sunday. It was working TV's that time as a producer slice agent about that. Anyway. So we met we hooked up in y'all. We after about two years long distance relationship. I said, hey, I'll be in Charlotte December twentieth. You want to get married to next day? They're December nineteenth later was a flu because we got married because I was in proximity to the town in true wrestler fashion got married in eighteen years. This is this is the best money. Right..

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