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Tom Farley, Saudi Arabia, Uber discussed on Squawk Pod



Ross SORKIN JOE is out today but sitting in for him we have Tom Farley early. He's the CEO of far point ventures also CNBC contributor our guest host for the hours. Joanne Lipman she is distinguished journalism fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton Princeton. She's also a CNBC contributor all got the memo on the festive clothing. Right you know some clashing shades of Maroon and red. But we're all very fast and we have some news breaking just literally in the past the hour now accord Saudi Arabia's sentencing five people to death breath the killing of Washington Post columnist. Jamal Kashogi he was murdered of course in saw that Saudi consulate in Istanbul just last year by a team of Saudi agents. Saturday any state run TV saying three other people were sentenced to prison over the killings reports. Say the investigation found that the former top advisor to Crown Prince Mohammad bin someone had no involvement in the killing now the kingdom has denied that NBA had any involvement or knowledge of the operation. So so form of justice being doled out today but There'll be lots of questions. I don't think this is a story that believes it and anybody believes it. That's that's sort. So is there justice it can report. I don't know I don't know where these the five with these the five men that we were seeing on tape hard to know and then the question of course it does any of this changed people's view of doing business in Saudi or do business with NBS. Well I think this is likely was done with that exact intention right. I mean you saw the way institutional investors stayed away from the Saudi Aramco. IPO certainly human rights was was was part of that. I mean I was at at that first big summit they had and you were there as well and it was packed and all the great and the good all the biggest pockets of money in the world where there the the next year or the year. After Kashoggi's murder was A. It was a bit of a ghost town. There were still people who went back. Even the administration was back the next year before this ruling ruling came out time out. You're in the penalty box per year. Maybe longer but it's not full on back I mean again that IPO Nobo- nobody invested in that IPO largely arm twisting of the retail. And you think that was a function though not of the transparency issues not of disclosure issues but of love a bigger. I thought it was. I thought it was always other it was. It was all of that but no I absolutely human rights. Violators doesn't help. And I just WANNA flip it for a second and think about this from his position within Saudi Arabia. Remember this is the guy who's a reformer I put that in quotes quotes to some extent but indeed there are some true reforms but at the same time he's a reformer is buying yachts. He's buying paintings. He's buying chalets and he's locking up. I don't remember the exact number over one one hundred over one hundred important people in the Ritz Carlton there and now this five people sentenced to death. Do People look at this and say now wait a minute. They were actually following out your orders. That doesn't it doesn't feel Josh. Turns the page turns page or brings them into a new chapter the entire situation so disheartening. It's hard to even it's hard to even talk about former. CEO OF UBER. Travis calsonic has now sold more than two point. Five billion dollars worth of his shares since lock-up period expires aspire. Just last month that leaves now with less than ten percent of his holdings left and put them on pace to be completely divested within days is remaining stake is worth about two hundred fifty million billion dollars. He's still a member of Uber's board calendar has been working on his new venture cloud kitchens which has been buying real estate around the world in a bet that restaurants. Well it's went. We pay rent capacity to create food four delivery but this is A. This is an indictment I think of Ober your terms of In terms of crevices view of the future of the company. Or is it something else to quote Jim. Cramer sell sell sell sell sell the smart money. Nobody on earth knows more about Uber than traffic on the board in business he knows the competitors e I mean this is a very very smart but could it be either some frustration eh frustration with the direction of the company that he disagrees with may not be wrong. Company was very nice to him when they were going out with. That was my question. It was really an indictment of over or is it just say something about the relationship so soured this guy cares deeply about his own personal net worth the first time I met him He told me how much personal net worth was a guy. So I don't think he's making control it the idea of handing over control to somebody else to be able to run his money if he can take it out and invested in a project where he actually has hands on experience because even though he's on the board I don't think he gets much much of a say in what happens in the company at this point and disagrees with Derek. Ostra Xiaoping where where things are headed as. Well things have been so afraid I I thought it was a poor form warm. They didn't allow him to stand on the New York Stock Exchange the day that they went public rather. It was a personal clash. They don't have to raise money for his new project and I see him. I don't see him as the type of person who would like to run his own money. He doesn't seem like somebody who is a passive sort of investor or somebody. Who likes to say okay? You run the show and I'll and I'll figure it out. It seems to me that he would WANNA be more in control of his desk. But aren't you both right. Isn't it also a personality clash every time Andrew. I've seen you ask Dora. Yeah and I've asked Dara the answer you get back. It is an emphatic. We love. We're besties release together. Star Wars the rise of skywalker brought in one hundred. Seventy six million dollars dollars in North America in its debut weekend that was enough to top the box office here but it is the smallest hall of the New Star Wars trilogy. The movie was hit with pretty harsh reviews and and a fifty seven percent rotten score on rotten tomatoes more most of the time. I don't care what the critics say rotten tomatoes. I pay a little more attention to. But it's not gonNA stop me from going to see this move the quilt. Well I think part of it is look at came out and the way the holiday falls this year. I'm GONNA see what the entire family of our is. The whole gang brothers wives. My parents my to do my son already saw it way. Better than what rotten tomatoes and I tend to think that that's probably the case most people I've talked to have seen. It said the same thing. If you're a star wars fanatic right. You're not you're a fan and he said it's better than the previous films so I think if you're a fan you're going and and I know that we're all saying Oh. This is the first under two hundred million dollar opening. But let's I mean let's be real one hundred and seventy six million dollars versus cats at six. And a half million dollar Farley family contributed Catholics to hold on stop stop. Stop the show what happened. Tell us give us a cat. So let me let me be clear. Yeah it was not really members of the Farley family and you saw the anime the read the early vote for they've affiliated the right digital changes or whatever. The review was scathing. There's a big movie. V Weekends Farley frozen to on Saturday they said it was actually quite good. Good music good plot not as good as being in either of these films career. God No okay and then cats. On Sunday kids hated it. They said Taylor first of all it was confusing. Even the ages fourteen and eleven girls. Okay and they said it was confusing and most damning Taylor swift was only in the movie for one. Short Song was how it was described him a little bit of a little bit of a bait and switch the fact. Is there now now putting in a new film. I mean they're actually replacing the film. I've never heard of that ever after the release date right there. I think there's a lot of people like us. We we actually. We had our big family movie date.

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Tom Farley, Saudi Arabia, Uber discussed on Squawk Pod

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