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The same word commute is a person of mixture paean and black descent or a white descendant of French settlers, probably living in Louisiana, but not necessarily living in Louisiana all much other meetings. Back in Madame. They'll fiends day krill was used to refer to early Louisiana Collins, a French descent who had been born in Louisiana and were thus native to the territory compared to new immigrants from France or elsewhere, and and then to make it even more confusing. There's the Cajun situation Cajun versus Creel as to confuse Creoles with Cajun's all the time because frankly, it's very fucking easy to do. And no one outside of Louisiana for the most part gives us shit Cajuns and Creoles are both people of French descent. The two groups just arrived in Louisiana in different ways. While the Creoles are a little bit more native. Well, little their native to Louisiana again for the most part. He's Cajuns are the ethnic group that began in eastern Canada. Those French settlers who form that colony of Acadia lasted from sixty four to seventeen thirteen we've talked about it before Katie included, the maritime provinces parts of Quebec even parts of Maine. These are the people that were we talked about earlier that were kicked out of Acadia by the British in the mid eighteenth century when they refused to bow down to a new crown and they ended up. Exile down to Louisiana because they thought it was still controlled by the French so many came into Louisiana that a large section of southern Louisiana is known as a Katyusha a French Louisiana region that comprises twenty two of Louisiana sixty four parishes, which are like their counties against sorry. I know those a long tangent again Madam del fiends day Creel used to refer to early Louisiana. Colonists of French descent. My got such a good example of how confusing our language can truly be communication can be so challenging because sometimes what you think word means is different than what the person, you're speaking. With thinks that words means sometimes communication is challenging because the actual definition of the word in question is constantly evolving. And at times contradictory in this word to me represents today's episode is well, if this was an especially confusing sub to research, I think we got it. I think we got it. But it was tough because there are so many varying accounts all over the place about what actually happened the dates and the names get mixed around and tossed around and. Oh and change. And there's four different accounts of what this person's suppose you did in eight different accounts with that person's vote. He did. So that's why sometimes on the updates. You know, you guys send in some issues, which are awesome. But we don't read them all because a lot of times. It's just an alternative, you know, example of what the history might have been and we just happen to go with a different one. Oh, man. Why can't history before and perfect? Okay. Now back to the subject of the suck. So what was life like for a French krill named Madame Delphine with imported furniture wines books and clothes white Creoles were immersed in a completely French atmosphere in America, it's all fancy and elegantly European should very fancy life in in all likelihood, we're all virtually positive of that white Creoles clung to their individualistic way of life frowned upon intermarriage with Anglo Americans and others refuse to learn English resentful and contemptuous of Protestants, they can sue them irreligious and wicked. They really didn't care for voodoo and hoodoo we're going to find out later Creoles generally succeeded remaining separate in the rural sections, but they steadily lost ground in New Orleans. Eighteen o three. There were seven Creoles to every Anglo-American New Orleans, but these figures dwindled to two one by eighteen thirty Anglo Americans reacted by disliking Creoles with equal enthusiasm gradually New Orleans became not one city, but to canal street split them apart dividing the old Creole city from the uptown section where the other Americans quickly settled. Okay. Lot of context now. Now back to the timeline in eighteen o to France, regains control of Louisiana. So Lowery is born into Spanish Louisiana, which then switches to French Louisiana and h no two, and then becomes a US territory age, you know, three because France didn't plan on keeping Louisiana because France is now run by Napoleon Bonaparte who was we know needed the money to finance his wars in Europe as we just learned a few weeks ago in.

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