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And hall of Famer Allen Iverson recently gave his all time starting five at a peace with the players Tribune. And the answer is starting five is Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Steph curry, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal most unexpected Dame is arguably Steph curry Koby, Brandon Notre Dame some wouldn't include. Why was Magic Johnson left off the list Iverson talked about that and more on the Stephen Smith show? List? How great magic kids. Generally on what he's done in his career for my whole thing is a lotta guys on this guy. And they talk about their favorite players some gas. Myron was say Oscar Robinson. Jerry with watch those guys before my time. I was fortunate to watch the Korea's. Retired. Stashed. So that's how I look at it. Ah? A whole bunch of the old school guys. Jars far away. I want to five guys and excite me. And I wanna see every night. And that was Alan average with Stephen a Smith reaction on Iverson's out time starting five in the scuffling rockets as well. Stephen a Smith on. Sportscenter would stay sage Steele. Was the guy that I wanna see obviously, you know, Michael Jordan, make everybody's MS MAMBO is is is some special with Steph homeless. And chat was dominant force. And LeBron LeBron. With my list. So it wasn't about. It wasn't about making a team that could mansion. When a championship anything like that. It was. Five guys. So I now by Stephen a Smith, of course, that was Alan Iverson on your radio show earlier. I imagine reaction after that was interesting to say, the least you take us through it. Well, listen, he's got his top five Steph curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James Shaquille O'Neal, you know. It's not about who the best Ghazal. You think about Kareem is a six time champion nineteen all star greatest score in NBA history. We get all of that. We understand that. Kobe. Bryant.

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