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It uses in DC hillman key exchange which would be known about for decades and it's a way of you can't break is laws of mathematics is aware of Exchan- key some you know the bad guys would discover it is like leaving the key under the mat once somebody knows it's there they'll find it we'll be back after this alternates I'm bring clarity to the world's most complex issues we can help our readers understand the world say together we can fight for a better one hope is power ooh welcome back to chips with everything I'm Jordan Erika Weber this week we're looking at one of the biggest questions of the digital era how do you protect people's privacy also ensuring that safety before the break the Guardians Tech reporter in San Francisco Julia Carrie Wong told us about an open letter signed by represents tips the US UK and Australian governments to facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg the intention of the latter was to encourage him to create quote a means for lawful access to the content of communications in other words a backdoor option for authorities to access fully encrypted data from the company's messaging this is if and when those authorities deem it necessary I asked security expert Alan Woodward to explain what that might look like basic cable too the things were before the snowden revelations before they put into ending corruption I you would have encrypted into the server and from the server to the recipient but actually you could sit on the server and read the things in an unencrypted way there there are a number of potential ways you can tackle these things people is the generic phrase of back door but the most likely in terms of a messenger system he's going to be as we've just discussed something that you sit on the server but there are other ways of colling encryption because it isn't just the messaging APP so low this open letter was to facebook about the messaging APPs of course as we've talked about you know things like iphones accent tre there are other techniques other methods that people have discussed in the past try and give lawful so-called lawful access there are limited and for example encryption is based on having a secret key if you've got secret key you know how things encrypted you can use the same album and decrypted so one of the ways that very early on people said in order to protect ourselves and be able to do forensic work for example law enforcement to frenzy people should have lodge back key somewhere so-called key escrow I mean one of the key problems with key escrow is who has access is very well saying well we'll put these things escrow so that when someone needs lawful access they can get it but of course who's to say that it's just the US and the UK and the Australian government what about if Russians or the Chinese or the Iranians wanted to come along and say well I want access to your these keys now it becomes a bit of a nightmare for the organization and again bearing in mind the US based global even though they are American oriented Dave got to decide eight or become the keeper of who they give these keys too so that that's one big home with kids grow the other way of doing it is an I suppose this is what some people again call a back door is to weaken the encryption so you make it so that it is relatively daybreak not necessarily for you of me but you know for somebody with significant resources they could break the encryption one of the is about weakening encryption is that you may weaken it so you can track and conduct surveillance on you enemies but of course allows the bad guys to have a go at your friends as well because we're all using the same encryption the other way of doing it is to have some kind of mass Turkey but that's a very good example of where now you can go online and you come back opuses keys so you actually render the lock useless and the same thing would happen if you know if you had ask the key some you know the bad guys would discover it is like leaving the key under the Mat wants somebody knows it's there they'll find it so we've got another key analogy ask you about say the government gets access to one of these master keys that lets them gain access to encrypted messages so if we compare that to and sure physical key is it more like a key that Ernie opens one door or is it like a key to the city could it Arnie be used once or basically whenever a government decided they wanted to do well that's actually one of the other issues about most do you have a master key that opens a whole range of locks orgy habit so that every instance of a particula encryption algorithm has his own master.

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