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But it's very important to remember that as much as we won't to anthropomorphized these things these creatures are fundamentally different animals, and there's not a there's not a really compelling reason to take one out of the wild other than conserving the species. Right. And I think that's something that we we hit on a lot with these stories. Yeah. No. I completely agree. And I think this is a really awesome way to take this out of that kind of fairy tale realm and do a little bit of a reality check. So thanks again for giving us that Katy I have one more question. This is purely for my curiosity and probably for our listeners as well. Do you yourself have any pets? I do. Yes. So I have a dog named cookie. She is a pretty good girl. Tastic? I just I was going on the off chance that you might say. I actually do have a rhino blood. Let me explain please say allude to cookie for us. Thank you as MacOS. Thank you so much for coming on the show, and shedding some light on the Nick Ma of rhino intelligence and the life the inner life of animals in captivity. Yeah, for sure and this thing that you do on the regular on your incredible podcast creature feature. Can you tell us a little bit about that? And where folks can find you and it yes. So we talk about human behavior and also animal behavior, and sort of the crossroads of these two seemingly different worlds, and I think as we have these discussions, we find out that even though you can't necessarily completely anthropomorphized animals. There's a lot of interesting crossover and behaviors that you'll find an animal. That are eerily similar to our own. And we look at it from the perspective of evolutionary, biology, and research and clinical psychology. And so you can find us our podcast is called creature feature and it's on itunes wherever you get your podcast and also the iheartradio app. And also you could follow us on Twitter at creature feet pods. Not feet like, you know. And she is but feet as an F E as in a great accomplishment. I do wanna do want to thank you in particular for an episode that came out in December extrasensory poss- -ception. I appreciate that episode in particular exploring the uncanny ways the animals rebel to perceive the world. So this this stuff is great. Of course. I and probably knoll as well. Really enjoy the dark Tetra episode. Not just because we're on it. But it was just like it was so cool the way you had a song. We really didn't do much legwork ahead of time. Oh, yes. Kind of came in. And we're able to have a cool conversation with you about animal psychopaths. So I mean shoe crime is the thing now, and I feel. Got to get a piece of that true crime pie. And don't you also run a Twitter account where you like are the persona of of bird rights activist? Okay. So I'm allegedly of the author of at pro bird rights bird rights activists. And I'm totally real human person in not haven't been paid by birds to pretend to be that's hearsay totally. And I got to tell you real quick. And I've been knows this everybody who knows me knows this. I am terrified of birds. I don't like their weird little creepy. Beatty is in their unpredictable movements. And they absolutely give you the creeps and always have. But I think your account is hilarious. And actually, you kind of play into some of the things that I find creepy and untrustworthy about birds amazing. Appreciate hers. Her direct descendants of the T-rex there little little time. Dinosaurs. That must be what does and Jack corbin's in general, just brilliant can befriend them. They'll teach their young that's diff-. I would I would prefer not to. Can have all the you can have them all but yeah, thanks again. Katie for coming on the show. Thanks to our super producer Casey peg REM, thanks to Alex Williams who composed our theme thinks to our research associate Gabe. Katie. Thank you again. We hope that you have enjoyed this episode. We hope that you tune in for our next episode, which is going to examine the story of someone who may indeed be the highest paid athlete in history. Who is it? The answer will surprise you. There are several ways to find out. We have a way that we would like to find out which is to tune into our

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