Social Security, Iran, Salama Nazi discussed on Mark Levin


And we're doing nothing effective about it nothing nothing effective about it now and then i believe at the vast majority the american people our police what's taking place in washington dc i do not believe the vast majority the american people have faith in washington dc matter of fact i believe the vast majority the american people despise democrat and republican politicians in washington despise the media that's based in washington dc cnn and msnbc and all the rest of them despise the new york times and the washington post which is why they're always on the brink of bankruptcy the american people and they're government have an enormous disconnect a disconnect but the left only knows one way because let me tell you something latest jim i studied the left i know who their philosopher kings are many of you now do as well i know what rousseau wrote i know what hegel wrote i know what marx wrote i know what wilson said i know it curley said i know what do we said and so do you and i know what they're modern apparatchik said saul alinsky and his ilk this country's being taken through the grinder if there wasn't donald trump it would be ted cruz and if it wasn't ted cruz rand paul and for wasn't rand paul overby ronald reagan it wasn't ronald reagan guess name the next what it doesn't matter and yet the democrats can do dam near anything secret deals with the salama nazi regime in iran lying to the american people in the media about what they were doing without any consequence whatsoever look at obamacare lying to the american people about whether they can keep their doctors about the the cost of policies and deductibles and access to good quality healthcare lie after lie after lie again without consequence medicare is going broken eleven and a half years they steal the money out of these trust funds to redistribute wealth social security stunning 17 years steal the money out of these trust funds and redistribute well yet got up president i stuff like that if you're running a company or a bag or pension fund you got appraiser but in our country are noble politician the dan poor bernie sanders says we should highway national medicare every budget should be a medicare.

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