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Uh no amount of hollywood would that we seem to have a divergence i'm agreeing with you on everything i and this is stuff that i wrote down before we even talked arcand origins of opinion to me the the interesting thing about this group stages that it didn't know favorite really emerged to me no i i was ready to say barcelona but under the way that they kind of day they did win their last group stage game but if yeah and then a for by their high standard i still want a group that it involved event is so now it's not like they were bad this is why i liked in knockouts andrew because some of these questions begin to be answer but it's fun to talk about it is for isn't it that's why we do a podcast lower here the draws on monday with yes it is monday december eleven uh is when that will happen can't with yeah and some teams are really going to get screwed because if you look at a lot of the runnerup i mean really like if you look at you know aroma or spurs you know teams that are we're probably really happy to win their group right but could still get stuck with in like uvais who finished as runnersup biron who finished as runnerup or you know real madrid were a runnerup in their group i mean there's chelsea were runnerup there are some real heavy that are going to really spoil the fun for some of these topseeded team just a quick housekeeping north of y'all was after member though with these match you can't play some you've already had the group in the draw and you may not pay someone from the same country at this point so that kind of change that i am a because way you can narrow down a little bit as to who you might get yeah i have a short in front of me of hosue of a chair and it will probably be boring for me to read but it does say who can and can't uh like round madrid cannot play barcelona tottenham right uh in the group stage chelsea there's a lot for the english teams it's interesting chelsea camped play um for knighted roma liverpool city or spurs so chelsea can only play p s g bar.

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