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I never considered this a possibility to be honest with you because I thought he always had value. He's making what like I think it's a projected 5.4 million. Somewhere between like 5.4 and 5.8 million, which is like not bad for a guy who's been above league average at the plate whenever Blake well above league average at the plate whenever he's healthy, but this is from Lindsay Adler of the athletic who's a trusted insider for the scheme. She's got a lot of insight. And her, quote, in the article about the Yankees shifting infield, there were a lot of things in there. So go read that from the athletic, you're gonna there's possibility of DJ layer becoming full-time first baseman. It's supposed to be possibility of DJ Lemay who becoming a full-time third baseman. There's a possibility of, you know, maybe Voight coming back. Like it's crazy, but her one quote was, quote, Voight was marginalized after returning from the injured list after the trade deadline and would seem to be a non non tender candidate as he's projected to make more than $5 million in his second year of arbitration. So and guess what? She did not preface this with Anthony Rizzo coming back. She did not preface this with another first baseman coming on board. She prefaced this just by Luke voigt existing. So that's why now I kind of have a concern about this because look, you're the Yankees. Perfect word there, marginalized. Voight was marginalized. He was healthy. They could have fit him in the lineup. They opted not to. He got playing time returned to him and Rizzo went on the COVID list. Proved himself that he could still perform then the Yankees still told him to kick rocks. And we're good, thanks. Yeah, they tried to trade him at the deadline. They didn't do it. Like, at that point, if there was even a consider, if you're looking ahead to the off season like at this point, you probably know your non tendering him or not at the end of July, right? Or like this thought process doesn't change in August and September because if the thought process were to change, boy would have changed your mind with not ten non tendering him because he performed well, aside from the times that you gave him four days off number like, hey, Luke, do you mind pinch hitting in the 8th inning? Us down by two with the bases loaded. That would be great. Thanks. We'll see what you could do. You haven't had enough bat in a week. Or even worse, we're down four nothing. And there's nobody on base. You want to go up and rip a Homer? Oh, you struck out trying to rip a Homer? You look like a big old loser. Yeah, thanks. Cool. So it would be a bad luck if he's not tendered because you can't tell me the guy doesn't have any sort of trade value. I'm not saying he's gonna fetch you a top ten prospect. I'm not saying he could get your reliever. This guy's a starting baseball player if he's healthy. I understand that the health is a big question, but health is a big question for a lot of key players, especially ones coming into this free agent class. So if you're talking about a cost effective first baseman who hits well above the league average when he's on the field, non tendering him would look so bad. He's not gonna be here next year. I think we can all agree on that. Whether Rizzo's here or not, the Yankees are gonna figure something else out. I think they go for a lefty here..

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