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So when a patient needs to get some shoes. How do they go about that? Do they have to have a certified Linda Therapist to help them? Or can they order online? They can older ally. They can coal coal. And somebody can help them with the sizing But we always encourage when when somebody used seeing. Olympic Dima therapist who encouraged to work with the therapist one of the considerations is of course as if you wearing any compression garments than you wanna taking measurement with the with the government on and the key measurements is succumb prince around the arch of the foot. That's usually where the swelling is at its most. And then with that measurement. We can make a determination as to whether or not. We think the shoes gonNA work for them. On, the website on the doors dot com. There's there's a sizing tap. On sizing time that are three measurements. There's the the length the with the girth Olympic team of patients that girth measurements is the most critical one on that, and you'll see that a table for the difference Sizes and the the girth accommodation for each one. In inches to the nearest eight hundred eight, so basically ticket sales tape measure the circumference all the way around the ought show the full from one side all the way round the other Mexicans Eighth of an inch that will give you the girth measurement, and then land Just I if you can't take a tracing off the full again with the government on measured the longest lent. And the widest wit. and then with those three measurements you can, you can satellite what? They Sometimes it goes on. It might be a half the size bigger, or maybe even a full-size bigger than what the foot would measure without the on and generally speaking If you're not wearing a garment, I also suggest Ego Hoffa cise to what you perhaps normally will apprised lymph Dima. You used to be a women size ten, and maybe order the ten and a half and the reason we do that. It's just to give a little bit more room in the toe box. If there's any swelling at the toes, just a little bit more room that accommodate that and that seems to work quite well If you get it wrong if we get it wrong for whatever reason you get the shoes and they don't fit. Then you just call in. We'll send you a prepaid return label..

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