Humanitarian Aid, President Trump, Syria discussed on PBS NewsHour - U.N. Secretary-General Guterres: The world needs a U.S. that is engaged


In foreign aid and humanitarian aid how concerned are you that they may do that but he also said to him as a potential as it gets my role to try to prove that the potential to translate into it how do you do that well we need to be able to demonstrate that what we do is in today's world in medicine he needs an enormous efforts to minimize the tragic situations that we see all over the world i think without the when people would suffer much more than the situation would be much more terrible but this is a president who has spoken about pulling back pulling the us back from the rest of the world except maybe now we see in a military sense are you worried about that the us is too important for us to be possible to to pull back i think that it's very important with the united states engagement in many situations we have around the world's in syria in the african contacts the united states represents and importance of the values human rights values ready to free them to the microphone and so the foreign policy engagement of the united states is a very important guarantee that those values can be properly pursuit and in that regard the cooperation between the us and the un is absolutely essential for those values to be preserved in world that are you not at all concerned about cuts in us contributions to the united nations enter the other u n agencies will help those cuts will not materialize and i hope that.

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