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The NFL right smack dab in the middle of its season. And I think for the most part it's been a positive season for them like the storylines haven't been as plentiful, but the focus has been on the the games the games have done. Well, and the product has been I think for the most part entertaining with a few qualms. No might be people say that there's not enough defence or something like that. But there's been a lot of entertaining games. And a lot of points put on the board baseball has one of its storied franchises in the World Series. Another trying to get there. In the dodgers who who are going to a game seven with the brewers. And then the NBA season just tipped off. So I'm asking you considering all that. Which one are you most into at this very moment. Eight five five two one two four two two seven Brandon McLeod tweeden. How can someone not be aesthetic over the MLB playoffs right now? America's game. Imagine a dodgers Red Sox World Series. Any baseball fan has to get excited over that. I agree any baseball fan has to get excited over that. But you know, there's the question of how many people especially younger people are excited about baseball. I mean it depends to each their own. There's been some big moments in the baseball playoffs. But. There seems to be a lack of enthusiasm from some demographics. And that's why I think this is interesting to see because all three are obviously popular in their own way. The NFL's its own thing like the NFL's. So as a television product, so far and ahead. You know, if I'm saying that hockey's not one of the four major sports, really, there's only by that same definition one major sport. It would be the NFL, and then there'd be baseball and basketball, and then there'd be hockey. But I I think as a conversation starter the NBA has already passed the NFL for the the story lines that you wind up talking about the amount of content. It creates you know, how how perfectly it's merged with social media for me. It's basketball. Like, if I'm being totally honest, and I know it's just the regular season. But it doesn't matter like, I'm an NBA head. So you could have the Super Bowl or game seven of the World Series. And I'm still the most excited about. The NBA being back because it's my personal favorite. And I get that for anybody else. Like, you know, we all have our favorites. I mean for I get to the the phones I'm gonna ask the the guys in the studio chef which one is it for you right now. Well, the NBA, Robin. I'm with you a hundred percent on that. I'm just kissing your ass 'cause you're the host today. Okay. That's cool. I mean, you feel free to do that as well. If you'd like, but that's good. Anthony, how about you? What that he's sporting to Anthony, by the way. I don't know what shirts chef is sporty. He looks like an employee of some sort of place. It's like a purple shirt with the logo right on the right on the chest. I don't know what the logo is. But he looks like if I was in a place that was a purple Brandon store. I would ask him where a particular item is located. Anthony school to school switch school. Okay. That makes sense. Anthony, you got the Knicks hat on with the the fresh orange brim. Yes. I would still lead towards the NFL guys. A jets fan. I'm very excited about the progression of our young quarterback. And I just feel like to the jets if I had pick between the jets and the Knicks. The jets are Moore along in the process, they're closer to being a contending championship team compared to where the Knicks are at this point. So I'm more excited right now in the NFL in watching the continuing progression of the jets and led by the Young Sam darnold QB. Are you a baseball guy? I baseball's my favorite sport. And I never been. Why isn't it the baseball playoffs if it's your favorite because attachment? I mean, I I y do have an attachment in that I am so rooting for the Red Sox because as a Mets fan I despise the Yankees. So. I. This conversation fans that actually hates the more than you like the Mets. No, no, eight the day the Yankees more than I loved them. That's really hate the love. I have so many Yankee fans that are friends and they always talk down to the Mets win. There's no reason to I mean if you're Yankees fan. Why are you worried about the state of the Mets? I mean, you know, so I love to see the achey fence suffer. So I would love to see the Red Sox when championship. So I am. So rooting hard for Boston coming up beginning Tuesday night at Fenway park. It's funny. I think you may be one of the Mets fans that actually hates the keys more than you know, it's not making this huge go Boston gerrad talk, which one are you most into it. This very moment. NFL around mid season baseball in the postseason or NBA at the beginning of its regular.

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