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Out of this world but he was playing better than most and that's not really saying much because his team just didn't perform but nonetheless reg edge mall crawford who had twenty points to assist to rebound shot ada ten to three from the three point line and then off the bench or not off the bench for the rockets you had trevor rees at with sixteen points four rebounds three assists three assists shot five eleven four seven from three point line pg tucker played probably his best game of the series so far because gave him the playoffs so far i should say at fifteen points fifteen rebounds two assists shot five from the field for five or seven from the three point line klinka appel who is pretty much just emerging as a top center in this game in this playoff so far you at twenty six points fifteen rebounds shot twelve or fourteen there chris paul wasn't great six sixteen from the field o avait from the three point line had five rebounds nine assists twelve points james harden could've shot the ball low but better but nonetheless turned in twenty four points twelve assists five rebounds shot eighty to twenty one four of eleven from three point line off the bench you had eric gordon with nineteen points shot five eleven from the field three seven from three point nine jailed green only played nine minutes and this what had three points ryan anderson had five there all right so like i said rockets ended up winning game five winning the series four one and not the timberwolves one twenty two two one four all right the timber wolves i mean what can you do how do you play the number one team in the west arguably all right and really just didn't have a real shot i mean they were down to one in the series game four is what killed them game four if the rockets don't have that fourth quarter i might go as far to say that the timberwolves win that game because the fact that they think they were the better team before that third quarter even though it was close before i figure they've win that game but nonetheless they don't get the opportunity to and now it's over all right but i mean less about the timberwolves more about the.

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