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Spoiler thirty six years though is enough time yeah have you never seen star trek to the wrath of khan on playing on they brought him back from from one episode when he was a he was a guest aren't in episode in the sixties and they brought him back to genesis one of the best lines one of the best lines time is a luxury you do not have i mean admiral kirk he's wasn't captain you know he got he got demoted no no he got elevated admirals above yeah you son of somebody in the coast guard i would think would no such thing i mean my dad wasn't an admiral but you know at least the pecking order of things i don't know about that yeah i didn't pay much attention undeniable with joe buck he takes seat across some of the most important and popular athletes of his and our generation unparalleled glimpse into the lives of sports legends like by the way this reads like a guest list from coach lou on serious lou holtz joe nemeth they were all on coach to kurt warner i just mentioned urban irvine's episode is this week yeah ervin also if you went up it's on tomorrow by the way directtv channel two thirty nine and direct tv now tuesdays at eight eastern irv like craig t nelson blew out both his knees on the same play i believe when he jumped in the air in philadelphia of that turf i think both went out it's not him at my somebody else i remember that happening in philadelphia.

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