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Addition is we're previewing the hundred fifty second running of the Belmont stakes at a mile eight not a mile and a half better to do it and a friend of mine body of the show that is after these to be the big a naira you see my talking horses with sterling every single day also horse racing radio network check him out there very very popular on the naira circuit in very very good at betting Belmont day as well what's going on at the good afternoon how are we doing good mood happy Belmont day a little bit of a different day but Hey shire curable Beaumont park the one hundred and fifty second Belmont Stakes nobody saying well all the triple crown intractable be the latest about my government on the first one was run on June nineteenth and also be the first time as well so we go to summer five forty four this will be the first time the Belmont abroad in the summer well there you go very nice all right so a little bit of history today as well and if the father obviously I'll a lot of history along with those states with it being at a mile east instead of about a half did not really know whether choice here given the fact of of everything we've gone through with the the corona virus and the pandemic yes both of our president and CEO Dave o'rourke for our age are invited guests will both morning and this afternoon you know and they've basically said you know they had no other choice I mean what are you going to do harm well they were so much uncertainty in the world right we have a handful of racetracks that we're continuing to run but the truth of the matter is we didn't know when the pickle preparations were gonna be wrong the W. B. postponed the prepay if they kind of took their time over tronic reported decided on basically four weeks a month after the Kentucky Derby resource you haven't gone amount of core I'm gonna mild three sixty and I don't think a lot of them were prepared in a traditional manner because of the uncertainty we did know when these races and the preparations for the first we're going to be one I think it was only fair to the horsemen and women to the owners and most importantly mark to the horses to run this race apart for all you know it the we've had a lot of conversations about the Triple Crown you're not you're never a believer that the Triple Crown is the savior for thoroughbred racing what do you make of the Triple Crown this year all right I can also to be tougher to win the Triple Crown this year there has been your staff so I'm gonna say this and that's one reason it's a hundred and five days this year between the races now you said you thought well that gives time it also gives you time for a lot of bad things that happen when should we get he won his only Kentucky Derby dot org back in twenty thirteen it is always there from the day brokers waited till they won the Kentucky Derby yes five perfect moms in order to have five perfect months in any sport let alone wash racing where these horses can do a plethora of things to themselves overnight low on what happens on the racetrack and when they're training every day so five perfect mom and you know what there you go you need to have about three perfect months now the time you've had to run up to the derby now yesterday it was announced the problem you have you moved this year it's gonna be one on August eighth that seven weeks from the Belmont it's four weeks from the Kentucky Derby so I would think a lot of horses especially because the law to get the money later on today will gold Travers in seven weeks Darby eleven weeks but again there's a lot of time between now and the drivers you have to do to make sure you keep the source happy and more importantly healthy so I think it could in fact be a little bit tougher and I think you're a lot more likely to face different falls in all three races because these races take on a different kind of meaning now the Belmont the first leg of the Triple Crown okay your dirty the dirty you're gonna get the best four year old in the garbage the printer's becomes a very strange race because it's a beautiful product for the three year old I want to try the breeders Cup classic it's an American classic it's about a mile and three sixteenths so I think there's a good chance what's that you got the three races I wouldn't be surprised if in the three races you got ten tomorrow you'll have close to twenty in the derby another time I won't be surprised if thirty different horses ran in the sprint race this year that's a big number that is a big number you're right about that's gonna be interesting everything obviously we all have to adjust to a little bit of the new normal you know AT this field to ten that's going to go post were later on this afternoon at five forty two when they open up the gates of Belmont Park no crowd no fans in attendance how good is this field attend a very interesting field I don't know how good the resources all right yeah I think you have some potential again we say this every year about the derby over the phone or whatever it is I think there's some horses in here that probably don't belong doesn't make them bad horses just kind of out of their element throughout western was supposed to run earlier on the court today in the woods returns he's.

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