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He talked about someone who believes that alien DNA is absolutely big user medical procedures. Mcclain. Oh, she thought she was the. Absolutely. Hell on heels. Hell on. It was called Hell on heels encourage everyone to watch Ed Parker Posey and Shirley maclaine. Okay. In fact, watch it and then come back and I'll finish this. Okay. So Mary, Kay. Cut ties with their most successful saleswoman. One of the most successful Linda. Bergerson of Cedar Rapids Iowa. Linda. EVANGELISTA has been peddling Mary Kay products. Honestly Linda has been doing this and she quit her teaching job in the nineteen eighties to become a fulltime cosmetic saleswoman. Just friends me Linda Evangelista was a schoolteacher know Linda. Okay burgers. Okay so Linda was an ace at makeup sales. She get this she was one of the top sellers and Mary Kay where she won or earned. Gets, pink, cadillacs. To Up. Five more ten or. Thirty less. She? He we'll get this. This is the pulse of all of it. So apparently, you don't get the pink cadillacs, they're all leases. So in other words, Mary Kay covers the least for like two years. But then it's like we'll do want to buy the car after the lease isn't that Kweisi? He's thought the pink cadillacs were gifts. That is for sure something. You don't find out until you get there Ab. That's like when you win a game show in there by the way, all of this comes with a sixty percent of taxes and also we're not actually going to give you. The worst hotel room in line exactly I'll do like. Having no windows she was one of the company's top sellers and say, okay, the company uses the least program. So yeah, they they either turn over the keys after a couple of years or they have to buy out the lease such bullshit. She just basically got a new lease every year. Exactly and she loved it. She would say when I drove this, be Cadillac you go to a four way stop sign and people stop and look at you a little bit longer and then they all say is that I only think I believe that for a minute. Four way stop at three other people on the windows and say, is that really paint by the way the pink cadillacs don't look. Pink, they like Champagne. And then there's Linda cop out it's not like hot pink. Yeah. It needs to be like you evangeline what's her name Angeline I agree with the hopping corvette okay. But this pink Cadillac one I'm still. Wanted for paying cadillacs ended up leading to her complete demise. Because guess what? She was in one of her Mary Kay cars when she and her husband, Tom? Pulled over on the side of the street. And for absolutely no reason except they said, it was a protest started taking down black lives matter signs. And no one connected to Mary Kay except for the fact that she was driving a pink Cadillac. I would love for this and unsolved mysteries but the mystery resolved very quickly. What a eight, seven, six, five, three, five, three, three, what yeah. Yup. Shit odd acidy Yup to do that. Period I totally did you. It ain't your company car right to do it any car that was I mean I mean, for those kind of companies fairly progressive. No I know I think that's actually one of the good ones of the bad ones I. think like other if you're going to get involved in something like that. I think that's like. Sort of an okay Wanna again, all to a double d did the right thing. I mean they did cut ties with this woman but. The best we're seeing. That cabbie she said, she didn't do this. To be racist but to prove a point, which is what she didn't have an answer pass. So I think she how she selling lipsticks with that kind of logic. Couldn't agree more. Yes. She said she literally said she was like It was excuse me she said it was to send a message. That they asked to know what should she couldn't come up with anything. So do you know where she is? Will this happened in Grand Marais Minnesota? So she's like a midwestern Cadillac Wayne. Racist and so anyway, the images went viral people trying to find her and then finally Mary Kay idea her car and said, she's one of ours and they we issued at a really. A statement that really I couldn't really make anything of. The Golden Rule respect and they don there's The golden rules, respects and making others feel important our values founding values here at Mary Kay and are expected from every independent beauty consultant represents our brand after looking into the situation will be suffering a relationship with this individual they come come on a little stronger but I guess they wanted to make it some pretty or something well, I don't think Mary I mean Mary Kay and he's a real hard look at their foundation colors and see if they were you where they're coming down as far as like being inclusive by the way, her profile is still on their website even though they've sever ties with her so that could be easier to. We'll see what happens there but A. Really all that was just a Promo to watch hell on heels and also to congratulate Arizona and also congratulate twitter for and by the way facebook actually also took down Donald Trump. Junior. Post. which like really is meeting this. I. Mean you talk about the worst of capitalism that that's the organization They take down trump's if he's a retiree tweet this stuff. Yeah. I agree you know what I mean but maybe they wouldn't. They wouldn't take down trump because he didn't upload the video. That's why they targeted Donald trump junior so that he reached we know but apparently, that's not part of their. Rules is they can't do that to someone who re tweeted do we ever? I agree. I agree to. Their own nursing, your baby five inch. Yeah. I think there's just all afraid of like being on the wrong side as. They should be afraid to be on the right side of history. Yeah. They should. They should be afraid of being on the right side of history during your. Question. Where are you going to get your concealed now that married we obviously, you could still support Mary Kay but now that. Is Out of the game trim SPA. Baby..

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