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We'll take a look at the forecast for you. Coming up at three oh four. The police union is not happy to hear that an alderman wants to call in the national guard Florida with the Saint Louis police officers association says autumn Bosley can help fix the problem without outside help you said he's done waiting. We're waiting to and sore his constituents for done waiting for them to fully staff and fund the police department. He's an alderman. That's his job. He needs to do that call for someone else to do job. The man in charge of the police department public safety director Jimmy Edwards says he's against the idea of calling in the national guard strongly disagree with all the hype that the national guard deployed in north Saint Louis city. Against on the Margaret and show Edwards said they militarization of north Saint Louis to deal with crime would not be acceptable to help. Hire more officers Edwards says they'll start recruiting people up to forty five years of age instead of only seeking out younger candidates, kmox. News time three oh. Won a state Representative wants to require Missouri school districts notify parents when they use extreme measures of behavioral control, a good number of them do include parental notification. But what we have learned over the past year or two is that parents are not finding out especially in a timely way. When their child is being sent to an isolation room space or win restraint is being used on their child Saint Louis county democrat in the case says he's heard from parents who say isolation has been used improperly to control behavior under McKay. As proposal families would be able to appeal a schools action to the board of education and State Department of education a hearing on the. Bill is set for tomorrow morning and Missouri house committee, kmox news time three oh. To a high profile guilty plea in the college, admissions bribery case thirteen parents, including actress, Felicity Huffman will plead guilty, according to court papers made public while another student involved in the scandal has been expelled Stanford University. Officials say she lied about her sailing credentials to get into the school for family made a half million dollar contribution to the Salem program. Several months after she was admitted. Checking the Jefferson Bank and trust business desk..

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