President Trump, Mickey Rooney, Banks discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast


Well i was a huge fan of makes on pseudo primarily from three days of the condo right allow about us the birdman stuff that he had done and then he was the first jesus debra show is face sure so you know when we were sitting in for any fields offices deemed gm and they were going to do the movie there pretty fields was the president of mgm former manager of judy garland mickey rooney probably one of the most evil man no agreement out a heavyweight he says who do you want for broom roster trip i said banks would so he goes hey adel get max von sydow on the phone so they call me in sweden and i'm ana and he goes max yeah hi freddie and feed done a movie with them and so max new for him and he said i got these two guys here dave thomas written whereas they got this very funny moved out forget i'll let them tell you about here and he has been the full so i had to tell max what this what you do it a short summary of the plot of strange brew and i stumbled through the best way i could and i didn't hear anything on the other room line of them i finished and then he goes tro which accommodate them and so he's a send readers can henry descript ara rooted on regional so i found out later that he called his son and his son lived in the states and he said i'm getting a offered to do a movie flawed gm widow baba dot mchinji drew hub byard of them and it sends little god yeah you can't do that dad that they're they're great david and so he did it.

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