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Player in any way, shape or form. I just find myself substantially more interested in Miami. When they're running bam an Olympic and those sorts combinations. Like when Whiteside missed a couple of games. So I just think that Miami is a more compelling team. One has gone Whiteside is not on it. So that puts him relatively high on my list. Interesting. So you're looking at it more of the addition by subtraction. Not like I'd love to see his son Whiteside. Yeah. It's more. Like I'd love to see us on Whiteside. Not on Miami. The crazy thing though, I don't think we would because this is one of the most disciplined organizations in the league ad. They still actually I wanna see Miami without Saad Whiteside. I I should rephrase that that's what I'm more interested. I'm not as interested in this on Whitehead play somewhere else. I would rather see Miami without him. Well, that is an interesting and extremely negative because be to rattle off a couple more. While you think about it. I have a couple more please were Gildo so NS scanner on the Knicks. I just find all of their other center options. More fascinating Mitchell Robinson when he gets back on lay playing center. Pretty cornet and porzingas. Yeah. They're all of these reasons, therapists. Yeah. But the Knicks are awful. So what's okay? The the need to get past though, if he gets more. Robinson, this isn't necessarily. I want to see him on a different team. I just wanna see yellow start overturns Ferguson. So I'm just going to put that out there into the world and hope that it happens at some point. I I think the all is a better fit. I like him better. And then the one that I think is the most compelling I hinted at this in a piece for athletic for long-term team, building purposes and just for a couple of other factors. I think the nets would be wise to give Spencer Dinwiddie awards or opportunity to play with their best players because they gave dimwitted and extension. They did not give Daniel Russell an extension. Russell has this get to cap hold. And Russell it sound like he's sucks or he's having a bad season or anything like that. I just think they need a different set of data points because if didn't what he's good enough to be the starter. Maybe he's still bring de ngelo Russell back if his salary's low enough, and you don't get anything else in free agency. But I think it's important for them to see that at the bare minimum. So that doesn't necessarily require trading digital Russell. But it might be interested to see what his trait value was whether there's some teams that are like really a numbered of what he's. Done this year. I'm not quite as in that camp. So here's a another category. For me is young guys who may not be in the best place to develop and I'm going to start right now with every young player on the bulls just due to the pace that Jim Boylan is playing at it. And he said they want to play with more pace. Eventually he's talking about it like we're crawling right now. And we can't run I guess Jim Boylan is is a big wire fan. I don't know it doesn't strike me as that kinda guy. But anyway, I mean, they're just like Stephanos been all over this. You just wrote peace on the ethnic the athletic dot com slash gas. Phase with all these examples of times when even off turnovers like they're they're specifically told not to run he has gotten the deepens better. But as Stephan noted a lot of that because they're playing better defensive players and bright Parker's not in the rotation anymore. And Chris done is back market is better than what they had at power for before. So hard to say that like the slower pace is causing them to play better defense. I mean, I think that's sort of a psychological bisque. Domer- there, but in any, but it's just been like a lot of crappy static posts ups. Like they've been force-feeding, Robin. Lopez in the post window Carter junior really has not been getting much opportunity offensively since Boylan took over. And it's just it's been pretty unimagined if they are running stuff from ten years ago and the Spurs don't run a ton of magic stuff either of these days, but they've got Marta Roseanne. Lamarcus aldridge..

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