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Sunday gusty winds also expected with temperatures in the fifties no level rather high right now about five thousand feet it dropped to about thirty five hundred feet by Monday that's the latest from the coalition the corona virus is spreading but is the travel ban in China necessary more than thirty million people are currently under a travel ban in China it's a lot of people but health officials say they have no choice since their desperately trying to prevent the spread of coronavirus corona viruses have been around for quite some time there are many different strains of them most of the time they infect animals maybe see news chief medical correspondent Dr Jennifer Ashton says the travel ban is a big deal because two strains of corona virus sars and murders were a big deal they both had a very high mortality rate and they spread throughout the world so why keep people from moving around doctor Jan says better safe than sorry I practice medicine according to the belief of it only has to happen once prepare for the worst and hope for the best and because we don't know a lot of information about this new coronavirus it's really prudent to err on the side of caution Sherri Preston ABC news the coronavirus death toll rises these are your world headlines from ABC news the number of people who have died after contracting the new Kereta virus in China has risen to forty one as the country celebrates the lunar new year there are now more than twelve hundred confirmed cases across China the viruses also spread to Europe off the fronts confirmed it had three cases a powerful earthquake in Turkey has killed at least twenty one people and injured more than a thousand the six point eight magnitude quake occurred in an Eastern Province with Thomas fell to nearby middle eastern countries Syria Lebanon and Iran for humanitarian workers for French Christian charity of gone missing in a rock three French citizens and one Iraqi national they were last seen in the capital Baghdad on Monday and in Germany a mother and a father were among the dead off her family shooting killed six people according to jump into these bodies of three women and three men without behind the ball police say they were led to do the incident after twenty six year old German citizen called them admitting he had killed people to we haven't fallen ABC news at the foreign desk in London when weather strikes home news has you covered the latest live a frightening situation this is in the snow the challenge forecasts traffic every ten minutes on the force before during and after the storm this is common news in the minutes ahead an update from ABC news and top local stories from the call twenty four seven news center we can consumer tip now is her voice prompt brought you by talk or title reliable secure and unmatched service.

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