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The president down continue our team coverage tonight we told you one of the impeachment managers in the house is Orlando congressman Val Deming's our reporter Darryl moody spoke to her today while appearing at a Martin Luther king junior commemorative luncheon in Orlando today congresswoman Deming's spoke about her role in the upcoming impeachment trial we're going to go back on Sunday and we're going to meet and decide then at that point divvy up the roles and we'll know them more specifically what we will be doing as we try the case the first hearings in the impeachment trial are slated for Tuesday Darryl movie news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. coming up a man described as middle earth's first scholar passed away today that story is next on Orlando's evening news is news ninety six point five Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic which you're still slowly falling we will stay rather mild though still about ten degrees warmer than normal in downtown Los near sixty one degrees the high seventy eight tomorrow and then a chance for showers for for another big plunging temperatures by Sunday night they extend a five day forecast for times an hour I'm Tom Terry I'm Jacki O. Bryan were still in red alert with a problem in the center lane before the St Johns river bridge traffic and four minutes on news ninety six point five W. D. B. L. thank you for tuning in Orlando's evening news I'm Tony Marino this is news that a six point five W. D. B. L. I'm trying to scale it in seven reviews a little girl is okay but a crossing guard is in the hospital tonight FHP says seventy eight year old Margarita Martinez was in a crosswalk helping a child when a pickup slammed into her on Chickasaw trail in east Orange County today the driver was given a ticket for not yielding to pedestrians state attorney Aramis I Alice blasting off you'll wish sheriff Russ Gibson for I was handled the murder case in a home on top of this comes the same day bond was revoked from on top was father in law I refuse to be.

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