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I went into practice day competed and right now I noted he's in there, Basel, he locked his door and he's smiling. He's laughing. I know you. I love you. You think he's happening today? I mean, he lies rotation man until y'all. He likes. Thing to me is he's right about that. And I say that he's right about that because stamp ain't Gundy did a report sportscenter that basically said that a source told him it was the best practice that they had because quietly, it seems clear things. He's coaching a bunch of suckers to and he's like Jimmy mantle. Leave me alone here with these suckers and I don't mean to call them suckers need them to give me a reason to believe that they not suckers people who display the behavior of suckers. And this does remind me now, right? Because there is some gladiator Butler yesterday in practice. There's also kind of George Costanza the guys driving around the parking lot with the World Series trophy attach daring them to get rid of him. And now we're hearing Shams is reporting that a players only meeting has been held. Who called him who called you. Jimmy Butler go-to players only beating what I don't know what to make of this. I know that in that interview, he says that, you know, he thinks it's fixable, but he doesn't think it will be fixed is he now resigned to the fates of the Minnesota temporal. Although he told them if he telling them in this meeting that he is in fact willing to compete with them, he will compete with them the at that happens these dues though, bring themselves up to the level that Jimmy Butler has determined that they need to be, what is this? What? Why does he still play for them? It is bizarre to me. I remember talking man, I remember interviewing Jimmy Butler in two thousand ten, right? If people don't understand how serious about this Quincy pond Dexter, the immortal pond Dexter, knock Marquette out the year before Jimmy Butler was guarding him. Jimmy Butler took a j peg printed out, hung it on the back of his dorm room door and said, never again, he's hyper competitive. Is he this competitive to wanna play with these guys? Just those guys. What do y'all do like to me? This is not about Jimmy Butler. This is about the dues, let it happen. The eagles struggled to and three Super Bowl. Champs play a desperate one of four giant team tonight. Bob low is one of these teams, these victory the most tonight. I mean, my instinct because the giants lost on that sixty three hard field goal by Graham Gano that it's the giants they need this. But part of me now believes that the giants need to do the thing where they raised tanking without actually saying it out loud because the mistake, the giants made Bo and I think we can both agree on this is that saquon Barkley is not the guy to make them a playoff team in the present. And if that's the case, then means you, I manning probably isn't long for this team either. He is playing terribly. So do you try and get that number one overall, pick the kid from Oregon, get your quarterback, treat this as a law season because they're still in this terrible division, but should they want to be? That's where I'm I don't know if they should. Their problem is this isn't the NBA where you could just magically say saquon Barkley is out with flu like symptoms for the next three months. And you don't have that option of you can't do it in this way. And you can't tell guys who were literally risking their lives in order to job there were trying to lose. Now I agree with you. The eagles need this win more than the giants. Because what in the world of the giants actually playing for right now, the eagles are at a place, two and three. I think the percentage likelihood of making the playoffs there is something around twenty one percent. They are officially up against the try to get there that being said, they play into division with a bunch of mediocre teams. But if the eagles go down two and four and that is in part because they lost this game, the giants, we cannot look at them as a legitimate Super Bowl contender..

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