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I don't know how strong george will be sticking to his ending the he has in mind right now because i can imagine a scenario where the double these do their fan fiction and it's it's it's it's entire like you know it's a simplified version but it's a pretty faithful in game state for game of thrones people lack have a negative reaction or mixture a lo let's say the end of let's say to in game of thrones is kinda treated the way the end of the law lost is where some people love it a lot at some people hate it mixed reviews all around the temptation to alter that in hindsight is so strong and i think of anything george martin is as human is any of us i don't know that he could i don't know that that like i don't know how strong you'd have to be to go ahead and tell your version of the story in thick well as beat a longer version and will have more backstory they'll be it'll work better that way i had to teixeria fuck with it would be very strong yeah i think there are a lot of ways it could turn out differently m that's one of them certainly if it's a bad ending in the show people unlike it and he wants to change it the other way could turn out differently is somewhere along the line as he's gardening this story toward its conclusion he changes his mind on what he wants to do at the end right um and it just doesn't end up lining up with the show exactly well that's a thing 'cause like he's changed his mind about a lot of noise continually changing his mind and that's why this rage like.

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