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Bobcats they damage the property in the gated community left behind what's being called extreme odors yeah one less reason to feel guilty today this new year's resolutions researchers at the university of Scranton Pennsylvania if you see the office found fewer than half of people who make new year's resolutions keep them for six months US news and World Report as eighty percent of resolution makers are done by the middle of February it's only the middle of January thank check out a problem is the ball to pass some good news on the northbound side of the four oh five just past Skirball center and earlier let me that just passed Moraga it looks like a still should be out of lanes but if you see something different you can always give us an update eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three traffic is still slow moving out of Culver city away from clover Boulevard and then the southbound side remains slow out of west LA sun seven Santa Monica Boulevard and stretches all the way to the seven ten freeway also take a look at the drive in studio city another stall southbound side of the water when it coming up on the one thirty four one seventy split middle lanes are blocked and a laser backing up leaving the four oh five beyond the stalls had a couple pockets through the cooling a path sewing in Hollywood from Sunset Boulevard heading into downtown Los Angeles and in Chino hills on the seventy one south bound a grand and earlier crash has that offramp closed he wanted to exit their top off at either Chino Avenue or Chino hills parkway instead KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I mean to Martinez corporation equal housing lender licensed by the department of business oversight under the California residential mortgage lending act in MLS once every nine thirty nine seventy six call eight three three eight five to sixty four sixty four for terms and conditions crazy.

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