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Sneak onto the battlefield at night and recover used cannonballs. Right. The bigger the canon, though, the more extra money to get France would eventually abandon the siege. Head back to Egypt. This would be Napoleon's first major land defeat. I mean, obviously, the British kicked his ass say hands up having to leave many of his sick and wounded on them behind an Oscar and legend has on the way back to Joffe. He may have also decided to poison other sick and wounded soldiers right there. These guys are kind of fucking slowing us down. Let's say let's poisoning. We can't history not clear on whether Bonaparte had his troops poison secretly. Or if the volunteer to drink the poison, I hardly doubt that or even if there was poisoned because history is tricky bastard when you deal with propagandists and then Napoleon returns to Egypt as if he had won the battles. Right. He knew he knew how to spin shit. He spoke of only victory in the Middle East. You know, many French citizens. They bought his words when you travel back to France, many French were enthralled by the young general. He brought his cool antiquities treasures. You know, it was like his mythical trip to this land of pyramids and the junction God's later. Bonaparte wouldn't meet his would admit gives me his defeat and author was a big disappointment and an important loss. He later say if I had not been defeated knocker, I would have conquered all of the east during his time around the plague at least according to legend, and again, it's hard to tell what's lead. And what's not in the story, but supposedly Napoleon showed some serious fearlessness to his troops. Or I guess ignorance at a medical hospital in Syria, he declared that the cause of the play was fear, and that the cure was courage. He demonstrated his courage by picking up a dead soldier from the floor a soldier who was covered in busted open play boils. And he carried him to a more suitable rest in place. You know, it's not about fine. Dude. He did know how to inspire. He also clearly did not know dick about the plague or who had never done that when Napoleon returned to Egypt. He learned that France was in political chaos. The French revolution was about to hand him the keys to the castle. Now in Baltimore. Part knew it problem was he couldn't get his army home without his guy day of ships fucking chips. So he just snuck away by himself. He didn't tell us army or even replacement officer. He was going to be leaving and heading back to Europe didn't even tell his mistress. A letter in just hop boat back to France. And if you're wondering what happened to the French army left behind they would eventually be brought back to France by the British army after defeat in eighteen o one. Back in France is by ditching his army in Egypt Napoleon. He's received as a hero. He's a legend super famous has plays. And paintings commissioned about his victories. It doesn't really talk about his losses. You know? He skips over leaving a troops. That whole part of the story. Focuses on the sports that are highlights is folks on a dunk, not not turnovers operation, God king almost complete after sneaky returned to Paris to polling helps plan a bloodless military coup to replace the existing French directed directory now in charge. It will go down as the coup of eighteen bream Meer or Bri Bryner, excuse me. By by mayor being a month in a French counter system extending from October twenty two to November twentieth. A fringe calendar system the Napoleon would soon replace actually with the one we use. Now bought apart was immensely popular. He also had his popular brothers Lucian and Joseph help him take over France bought parts plan was to get the directory to quit to both houses of the French legislature. The council of the ancients council the five hundred to make a new constitution declaring him in charge..

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