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Purchase. That's madison. Dash Reed dot com. Promo code months throw at checkout. His wife is fine. Of course. He never killed his wife that wet cracking noisy. Heard was just the sound of fire trickling through his father's old forest. Eating up all the Tinder before the storm of flames arrives. It's rumbling in the distance as he breaks from his transit the window and heads to the garage to get what he needs from the car. He cleans himself at the laundry tough spending a significant amount of time making all the air. Read specs are got he treated like surgery prep, which he's done. So many many times before holding his hands up the air once clean for an assistant put on his gloves. He's a doctor after all. His children are present. When he returns to the living area. Watching some cartoon on the television. He slips past them and puts his package up in their room feeling more like a hairy beasts than a man something garish cartoonish long clawed, great black shadow that covers the entire house. He realizes they're watching the three little pigs when he comes downstairs and watches along for a moment before interrupting them, what are you up so early for he asks Antoine heard the noise Caroline says allowed awful noise. It woke us up, and he was really scared. So I took him downstairs. She tells her father Antoine was still spooked by his three little pigs rendition, so she turned on the old VHS copying. They had to call them down. She shares it Antoine thought. There was a wolf coming to get them that those noises were him breaking into the house nonsense. John Claude says with a big smile there haven't been wolves in this part of the country for years, his children, don't look at their eyes are focused on the cartoon images of pig gathering sticks. Maybe for fire. He supposes. Who would you all like to play a game a fun game a game with your Papa? You're talking funny. Antoine says. Hellberg you first little boy John Claude response. Why don't we go to find the wolf? Caroline springs to her feet. Avoiding eye contact with her father. I'll go. She says her voice breaking. I'll go first John Claude nods and ignores was daughter shakes when he puts a hand on his shoulder. He tells her he thinks the wolf is upstairs in their room. And does she think she can find she says she can't she thinks and walks ahead of him up? The stairs. Is mama. Okay. Carolina asks the small voice as they pass the master bedroom. Antoine went to ask her if it was okay to use the television. And he said, she's very sick. That's what he said very sick. Oh, she's fine. John Claude whispers, everything's fine. In the bedroom means struck his daughter to kneel in her bed and wait for the wolf to show as she doesn't keep looking that one direction. She might get all gobbled up when he finally comes out of hiding she nods, and he tells himself she's not sobbing when she takes her awkward position on the bed. Then he retrieves the suppress twenty two rightfully borrowed from grandfather and shoots her in the head with it. The result is clinical clean a few based Caesar's shudder through her body as she falls face forward with little bottom in the air. But as the last shivering traces of life bleed from his eldest child, she straightens out delay just like a little lady and the puddle of blood spreading over the comforter. He finds his son huddled in the corner. Downstairs arms wrapped around his knees. Lights from the Christmas tree Florence's failed to take down flickering reading green over his faith all else's shadow. The boy's eyes are clenched shut. His entire body is hard little ball. When John Claude tries to stand up to get him to play the game with him. He leans down whispers for the Boyd help go. Find the wolf Antoine. Shakes his head and pulls back trying to return to the corner. Now, how are you ever going to grow up to be man, if you just cower in a corner like that John Claude chides the boy, the wolf is inside baba? I heard he says I heard the noises again. John Claude heaves boy up and carries him up stairs. And onto the bet. He is crying when he sees his sister one if she sleeping and knowing she's not. There's a smell in the room in the house now that his young mind understands perfectly. It is a smell of death. The scent of the wolf. The

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