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We do do we do do, listen to me. A set of tapings what we did earlier today was great. I didn't tell you right before we clicked record. It's wonderful. We did that together. Just like you and I went to different schools together. That's right. There's a dark match try out for Paul Roma. I want to say that again, y'all. This is no kidding. 1998, and we're doing a dark match tryout for Paul Roma. The former four horsemen gets a couple of matches and never brought back, of course we recall he was one half of power and glory and one of my, I don't know, guilty pleasures. I liked that tag team, but he doesn't get another look here, just these two matches and adios. What'd you think of Paul Roma here in 1998? Great body, nice guy, no charisma. Oh, okay. That's your answer. It's fundamentally sound. He just didn't connect with the audience enough to make the old man happy. All righty, didn't expect that, but there it is, baby. We start to say seeds of dissensions in the nation are growing with rock and Farouk. They're both trying to act like they're the leaders and comma and delo we're having a tough time and always leads to them losing matches to Ken Shamrock. And this is one of those slow build storylines that really get over great. In real life, Rowan, any issue about him, maybe being transitioned out from being a leader or did he not take it too seriously as long as the checks cleared, I'm good with it. That latter part covered it all. There you go. He was working for a payday and earned as much as he could and the way he did that was to perform at a high level. He did that. He knew what his job was, his job was to accentuate and embellish The Rock's TV persona. I thought that Ron Simmons did a great job in that respect. That was his assignment, and he pulled it off. Something we couldn't pull off, though, is cornett coming out with Dennis Carlos and Howard Brody, the president and vice president of the NWA. They're going to mention old great champions like luth as and Harley race, and they're going to announce that they're going to crown a new NWA North American champion. Jeff Jarrett is going to be taking on Barry Windham, the former NWA world heavyweight champion. And they do what master would call a terrible match with Jarrett mainly clowning around rather than wrestling, and his Wyndham set up a superplex coral so distracted the raft cornette hit Windham with his tennis racket and jira is crowned champion. They do a big presentation in the ring with cornett brodie and corus. And of course Jeff Jarrett, and then here comes stone cold. The first three get out of the ring, Jarrett doesn't see it coming. He gets the stoner and of course we all know famously, Austin mocks the Jarrett strut. And man, this actually is Fargo strep, but go ahead. Yeah. This whole thing is dead right away. Getting the water, baby. My goodness. Like, don't get me wrong. I love the idea of Jeff Jarrett and stone cold. Having some sort of receipt for the promo and dust up and go to a program. But that doesn't happen. And this segment where it feels like once upon a time we're actually going to put some resources and effort into this, we're going to sign the real NWA world champion and we're going to crown a new North American champion and we're going to bring in these figure heads and we're going to have cornette cut these scathing promos. All right, here we go. Oh, never mind. Let's just dunk on it. I'm also just kill it. Right away. And then not build to a match with him and Jarrett. In hindsight, probably not the best idea. No, and I don't think Austin had any interest in whatsoever and working with jif. So why does it happen? Why even let stone cold come kill it if we're not going to turn it into a match? I think when the more the deeper we got into the NWA content, the more that Vince felt, it was not going to work. Right. So cut it off. Gotcha. And that's what they did. And they used Austin as a tool as a mechanism to cut it off. Well it is cut off deader than Kelsey's nuts as somebody used to say. Next up, we would see the outlaws beat the headbangers and after the match cactus and chainsaw come out and cactus doesn't interview you introducing himself to WWF fans, saying he's going to bring blood and barbed wire into the WWF in 1998. And that his childhood hero is chainsaw Charlie, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and then of course chainsaw does, what's described as being a Terry Fox style promo. Well, duh. And then we see even Don king do a taped interview on raw that's really going to get the mainstream hype going for Mike Tyson. Was the deal always to have king appear was there. I think behind the scenes, there was some, hey, we'll do this, but not without dawn king, and all of that may be happened in the middle of this. Was there originally an idea that maybe Don king would be in Mike Tyson's corner for something and Vince McMahon would be in somebody else's corner or some such? No. No. Okay. We needed Don king for a sound bite. Okay. We need a Don king to get to married on our TV. Back to Mike, where she has a strong relationship with over the years. So no, there's never Vince would never get in the ring with Don king because how do you trust him? You know, he's not

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