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Here's Bobby Newman and Dave Friedman. Good evening and welcome to the weekend stakes preview presented by naira bets here on HR and Bobby Newman Dave Freeman. We've got 13 big graded stakes from around the country to look at tonight, 12 of them taking place tomorrow at racetracks like aqueduct, San Anita and keenland. One graded stake on the Keenan Sunday card as well. Dave, we had a great weekend last weekend as far as getting to see some major three year old races on the road to The Kentucky Derby. Same can be said this weekend. We've got the last three of the 170 point qualifiers on tap. The wood memorial, the Santa need a Derby and the bluegrass. Yeah, and they're all really good races that you can go a variety of different ways in and I'm not even sure they're the highlight of the weekend. We've got some racing at keenland in an aqueduct that is just as good as the three year old racing, maybe better. It's a terrific group of races to get through and I'm interested to get your perspective. Going to be a lot of fun and an aqueduct keenland and San Anita all with mega stakes cards on tap tomorrow. So a lot of action from around the country. The road to the Derby goes through nyra bets and aqueduct, the naira bets Derby bankroll builder continues this weekend with the wood memorial that $50 to win on one horse win or lose get a $25 bonus opt into the promo at naira betts dot com. If you're new to Nairobi, join today that tracks like.

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