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The john mcculloch show is brought to you in part by cruise hearing aid services at one on one point five am 1410 patriot you know we're we're talking about this plan beginning of this demonstrations refused fascism group it's a communist group funded by george soros go in iran threatens us and then and says they're going to do this or they give money to hezbollah on and so forth moon on in other enemies we freezer assets when north korea does it we can with freezer assets why don't we freeze george sources as set seats open about this he's open about overthrowing the duly elected administration of donald trump and mike pence well why not freezes assets i don't understand how this guy can continue to fall man all this turmoil in the united states and not happy answer for i suppose it could be because the democrat party loves him and he gives all his money to democrat kim needs i mean he doesn't support not all his money but the money he donates politically goes to democrats through the various dummy organizations he's got set up emphasis on the word dummy fred in ferndale your next on the patriots go ahead yeah sean you know all we're here talking about aerobic center earning whereas our election arroyo can't go away so go on uh for those guy down facebook but i recently heard all what sure a dan i heard there no no quote they're so sure why are we sure shorter so inter burying our governor nachos dunaway sure john and money in coalition gene horn of people shurdum older son show greg may jobs but gunshy creating rioting heart nine dollars try and overthrow are are not a pupil generally enter watching cia and then the guy who don't worry know why so while moral sherry crown jewel flying jr whoa why don't you know chain down here on capitol hill money and you know what very very monning go out are not wired american war well let's hope we can change zach bread also i'm hopeful four i'm i really am i'm just asking the question thanks for the call to get the comment said i'm getting from from people and to see you know what what we.

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