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And whether they get him or not they have these two veteran players will contribute to their team next year. But my point here is would they have signed John J even to a depleted outfield. They have a depleted outfield if not for their pursuit of Machado. There are a lot of outfielders out there. Why did they pick John Jj thirty-three last year? I think the reason is similar to the trade for Lonzo. They're trying to put some pieces in place to possibly help with ROY of Machado. It's going to take money money is going to rule this thing, first and foremost, but all things being equal any man he wants to play with these guys we've worked out with for so many years tell you what I wrote down on hair. That's good Intel can but yonder Lonzo John Jay, Manny Machado. I think if you look at the work ethic, all those guys high level work ethic has been able to have those guys push you. They're clueless surrounding him. If they go get him with people that are going to keep him in check as well. Also, I think if you have any character issues, you're worried about anything like that you got guys right there on the spot that can confront him about whatever it might be. And I don't think that's going to be necessary moving forward Manny. But if it is surrounded us guys, your thing Gaza throughout here likes this. And it says right here they're smelling the weakness in the Indians. I think the division is saying a weakness and to watch the moves the twins are making moves come the White Sox. Now's the time to start making the move. So when the central man not be this year, but the following years because it has been like this in the last couple of seasons. There's a there's a gap. There's an opportunity. That's there from Rosenthal and Reynolds on MLB network. Okay. A weakness in the Indians. Twenty nineteen. We'll tell a greater story that I can ever tell you about whether or not that's the case or not. I like the moves of Kelvin Herrera because he was signed here. Herrera twenty nine years of age combine the two and three Mark when a two point four four Yara seventeen thirty eight strikeouts. Forty eight relief appearances with Kansas City and Washington. It's a nice pickup for the White Sox. I like him a lot. But it's interesting, John, Jane, John Jay's picked up because that's a good locker room guy. Asking you the cubs locker room guy. And it's hero was talking about. Just having quality in there to try to check Machado Machado needs. Checking do you want them on your roster? I mean, Chicago White Sox. How about that? That's what I'm asking. If it takes more than five years to sign one of these players, whether it's a Machado is interesting. How this this whole thing's gone down here in major league baseball here in the off season. If it's gonna take more than five years to sign the either Harper Machado. I don't want them. There's not there's not a player that. That's right. That's available right now. That I think more than five years you should sign him. I think we learned a lot from the pool steel. Do we not think we learned a lot from that, especially baseball? It's not the NBA. Oh, now, I'm a scientist guy for ten year contract because he's a franchise guy. Yeah. What about the other twenty four players other Oster? What about the other twenty plus players to the roster? Seriously, one guy cannot change the entire fortunes of one baseball team still need pitching. If that pitcher is solid there. Maybe you're good starting pitcher. But what about the other guys roster? Does that matter? Just wondering. I don't know why you gotta bring other guys into trying to protect Manny Machado from himself. If that's the case, then I don't want. I know he and the other thing too. It put it to the sign. This is not about tickets because the White Sox are about walkup tickets. That's that's their business. Walkup tickets sunny day. That's what it's about whether right walkup tickets. That's what have to depend on even with Machado. If he signs there'll be a little bit of uptick, but not necessarily is going to be overwhelming where it's going to be filled every night because that's not the White Sox for the White Sox role. Okay. I gotta get to Leon collegiate stepped into the studio. I was I was going to pull the trigger on the Jim Boylan, but I will save. I'll save your thought. I'll save the dots. Are Jim later. I had it. Right. I ended ready. I was gonna go after Jim Jim Boylan. But now we gotta Leon Rogers coming up for tales from the hood ready. The chamber said again, just keep it loaded in the chamber. I had it ready. I had it ready. But now, no Felix said, no. And he's mad already 'cause I'm late. How others. Let me tell you about Illinois media school, call this number.

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