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Welcome back so yesterday we did a deep dive on Brett Farr and that was fun because we put the jumbo spin on it a gentleman came in and we we got some things what I'm trying to keep this is fresh that possibly can we may do more that going forward what we have here is a live show this not some throwback it's not a best this is not a look back at the twenty nineteen or two thousand nine liberty bowl this is a live program and it has been every single day since is went down and we are still in our studios and CBS sports network is still what simulcasting which we find to me is I mean obviously we're getting a lot of people who are listening and watching that or nearly might not be able to because of jobs in life but what is funny to me is even some long time hardcore jungle listeners had never seen the show on TV before Intel now because they're stuck at home and one thing I do want to say CBS sports network is doing an amazing job of getting this thing on the air every single day if it's the first time you've seen the TV show this is not generally what the TV show looks like this is just kind of stripped down and it's great I mean I'm so happy that one CBS sports network right now we know this is not normally what it looks like we're doing the best we can under the circumstances because of what's happening in New York City my son was having run into our country what in New York City because a lot of people who work on the show in New York have been displaced a lot of them are actually running the TV show from their homes so big hat tip to them for getting us on the air but this is where we are and where we've been in the event that changes we will be ready for the GM home radio program got my comments box set up I'm ready to roll but I hope it doesn't come to that because we are happy in the studio telephone number is one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six wells in the three six oh tweets or read it and I'll be wearing the same shirt white in hot get the memo memo I don't know I can see rip but I can't see Ali Abu woody rocking today looking around I pay pretty close bridge D. close last month all right anybody else that's well as in the three six so coming in on Twitter one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six also as I mentioned want to read you have a certain belief right now I believe paying that the most compelling show on TV is the tiger King it might be the most watched you might be the most talked about it's not the best show on TV this is not the most compelling show right now and the most compelling show right now it's not something you can find on Netflix the most electric show at the very moment is the cam Newton show these broadcasting every single day on his Instagram page have you checked this out yet because if you haven't you should be I'm checking in every single day on his page and every single day this guy delivers black and white photos and video of a guy on his grind he's doing work now he's doing work he's doing his work he's doing your work he's doing my work this guy's doing everybody's work and he's doing for work you've got questions about how he's recovering from that foot surgery everybody wants to know because teams can't bring him in for a physical sell houses for how's he doing off that foot surgery you've got questions he's got answers how about some ladder.

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