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O AI, Democratic Texas state lawmakers walked out on a special session of the Legislature. But while they left work to prevent passage of the voting reform law, they're still getting paid as if they were there. The lawmakers are still being paid $221 a day per diem. Because the state legislature is technically still in session, But the actual cost for the excursion are mostly coming from campaign coffers Safe Democrats. The charter flights were donated to the caucus. The hotel and other expenses are being paid for by a combination of members, campaign accounts and caucus fundraising. Zero state dollars or taxpayer dollars are going into this work, which is not entirely true, because in addition to their daily per diem, They're also still earning a salary despite not working at the State House in Austin, Texas. Dozens of those lawmakers are in Washington, D. C. Lobbying Congress to pass national voting rights laws. Governor Abbott has threatened to have them arrested and brought to the State House once they return to Texas. Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush is suing the Biden administration to restart border wall construction. The Constitution says that the president and an executive or agency cannot ignore the will of the people as appropriated. Through Congress, he says Congress allocated more than $5 billion to construct fencing and walls around the southern border. Bush joins Arizona's age who announced earlier this week he is seeking an injunction against Biden. Efforts to stop border wall construction. Testimony continues today in the capital murder trial of a man accused in the 2016 ambush killing of a San Antonio police detective. The jury heard Wednesday from eyewitnesses, Jennifer Patterson and her daughter, Alexandria who say they saw Otis McCain shoot Detective Benjamin Marconi, without warning, as the officer sat in his patrol car. McCain could get the death penalty if convicted. The woman accused of helping a central Texas soldier kill army specialist Vanessa again is under indictment. A federal grand jury charge Sicily Maggie Lockwood, tampering with evidence lying to federal agents an accessory this week regulars the former girlfriend of army specialist Aaron Robinson, who killed gain at Fort Hood in April of 2020. Federal prosecutors say angular helped Robinson dump gains body near the Leon River where it was discovered. Robinson later killed himself while Colin police closed in on him. Gideon's death caused the Pentagon to start an investigation into Fort Hood's culture. The Army later punished 14 officers for leadership failures. Almost states in the US announcing increases in the number of new covid cases, and health officials say that's because of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus. The spread of the Delta variant has been quicker than anticipated because it has a significantly higher viral load, meaning more of the virus escapes with each cough or sneeze, making it much more contagious than the original strain. And public health officials now say virtually all covid hospitalizations are a result of the variant Johns Hopkins University says the U. S. Has seen nearly 34 million cases of covid so far over 608,000 people have died in San Antonio. We're seeing a rise in cases due to the Delta variant in recent Fiesta and Fourth of July celebrations. Covid positivity rate is nearly doubled in the past week. 62% of Bear County residents are fully vaccinated. But health officials warned the vaccination rate has slowed. More reactions coming in on a new report about USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, the first woman to publicly accused him of sexual abuse, tweeted, this is why survivors don't say anything. The Justice Department's inspector general found some of the FBI's Indianapolis office lied and failed and how they handled sexual abuse allegations. Nasser is accused of abusing more than 300 girls, including Olympian Simone Biles. NFL quarterback Richard Sherman's facing a charge of burglary domestic violence after trying to get into the home of his in laws. Officials say Sherman also faces resisting arrest and malicious mischief. The domestic violence component results from Mr Sherman's relationship with the occupants of the residents, not due to him physically. Assaulting his significant other Malicious mischief is the result of damage he caused to the door of the residents. And he noted, Sherman smelled of intoxicant emanating from his mouth and person, his wife, Ashley told The Seattle Times He didn't harmony body and what happened is not his character. Sherman has been denied bail after his arrest Wednesday and could go in front of a judge today. W Away I news time 5 37 now at breaking crime news from around the country, Here's Nancy Grace, Crime Alert. I'm Nancy Grace, breaking Crime News, now a 77 year old Arizona woman. All dead on her own front porch. The neighbor, Alejandro Hernandez, had been worn before about his aggressive dogs. The 33 year old now charged with negligent homicide. Polite thief breaks into a Vermont restaurant, stealing $184. Here's the polite part. The corporate then apologizes running on the menu. I'm so sorry I had.

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