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What got him in the long run. Died of complications from open heart surgery. And you know, he would he really wants older than he was he died at fifty and which is the new thirty amazing. But the boy got a lot done in the time. He had. Yeah. You sure did he he didn't pleaded more in his time than most people do at ninety. Let's go to Travis in Omaha Nebraska. Hey, I think that's a home Ajami Carson, or isn't it? Travis Travis who they Willis doing. Well. Yes, sir. Yeah. I had a couple of questions. The Mark, sir. Yeah. I heard you talking about the movie that you're making is is it just one it's going to be a series series. And in fact, the first hour, I've I've YouTube channel called Mr. sci-fi anyone can subscribe to and it's free. And I put the first hour of space command on on my channel, actually, watch it. And in fact, we seem with initial Nichols today. We'll be posting from that. So it's it's a twelve hour season. And we usually going maybe seizes multiple seasons like at least five years, and so we're just rocking roller. I've I've been the first eight hours of the twelve hour season and also plea grill. And so I'm I by the next few months the entire twelve hours. And then we'll just we'll just shoot all of it and share with our audience, and it's the new way of doing television, and then our audience, just your finances. They buy fairs they've gone kickstart, Lenny our way, and that'll be part of one thing this is because I studio I can do a network quality show from much. Less money than the network Homar God. Because for instance, that Star Trek discovery is over ten million dollars an episode game of thrones is over fifteen fifteen million dollars an episode is one show. Yes. Yeah. One hour, and but base command I can do it so far I've as I mentioned my audience is giving me a million dollars. And with that. I was able to the two hour pilot and forty minutes of the second to our story and we're moving forward. So as I mentioned starting a new Kickstarter campaign on Monday. And if anyone wants to buy shares in space command, they can Email me, Mark Zicree, female dot com, and can send them all the information. It's and people around the world buying shares. It's a completely new way of doing television. But I really love it because I ride it. I cast it I shoot it. There's no, you know, you know, the the cast is wonderful cast of amazing science fiction actors like let me like Doug Jones, and Robert mccarter and Mira Furlan loose box. Lightning nichols. I went to a network and said can I have this cash? They say no you have to use an actor was just on some hitch. Show on the CW who can't act or whatever that's not the CW. But they get the network at say you get capital. You don't. And and I don't want to have that over my head. And you have another question. Travis. Yeah. I heard him talking about spirituality, like they went the spore, and they have to of reach the level of spirituality. Yeah. I think that the focus on for your project. I'm an artist myself, and I I've done a lot of mobster type paintings and stuff like that. I haven't really really a fan site by so often listen to coast to coast over the years. And you know, I just like hearing when somebody's in creative processes like this. Yes. And and you know, when when I talk about spirituality, it's I I'm open to whatever someone's personally are. But I think if if claim this is at the heart of that, then you're not gonna go wrong. I think you know, I I I mean Jesus, of course, I'd love one another I believe that. And that you have to be a Christian. You can be a Buddhist. Or or Jewish like, I am or or or even agnostic raciest. I mean, kind this is basically what you do. It's the golden rule, and there's a version of the golden rule pretty much in every every faith or and every culture, and it's basically just kind kind of your family kinds of people you love and be kind on the street. You know, if someone's trying to get into a parking space as a garbage can block them over lacrosse street and move the garbage can and it's just putting that into practice your life and small ways it has a ripple effect. You know, Robert Davi Mark have yesterday. Who were close friends with them? So if you ever need him in any of those episodes, let us know we'll get you in touch with them. Thank you, George. Thank you for that. He's got one of those faces that everybody recognizes of course, of course, let's go to Rick truck. Driving a New Hampshire. Welcome to the program. Hi wreck. Go ahead, sir. Oh, thank you for taking my call. Nice to meet him. Mark that good conversation tonight. A couple of questions, sir. Yeah. The twilight zone I used to say that that twirly little thing in. Yes. Yes. Are you still using that that fame and your show that all yeah? On the new twilight using original same in that. And those those motifs you have other. So I can't it. They're they're gorgeous. Yeah. That's what bring. Yeah. Bring a lot of people the tension to it's like the black hole. You know, you believe aliens when you first started writing here in Europe strips that you believe in any space off creatures of any kind. Definitely intelligent life in the universe. And you know, I don't really go beyond that in in saying, what's what's real? And what's not into view or any of that? But but I think that life probably throughout the university. Now, no planets are on pretty much every star. And so I think life is going to be throughout the universe. Just like very for tile field. You know grows all sorts of crops super thank you read compress yet. I feel like I'm committing a sin. If I watched the new twilight zone episodes, I wouldn't go that far. But it's definitely. It's not the old show. It's not what was able to pull off. I mean, you know, it takes such a lot of great people coming together and just the right way to make magic happen. It's when something catches fire, and it's lightning in the bottle. And rod Serling certainly accomplished that anymore is yours is hard to possibly could any. He pulled it off. And it's an amazing amazing thing. I just you go back to those visual shows, and there's just their gills their amazing. Let's go to be Utah marines with us. Hello maria. Go ahead. Are you familiar with? But stock the next generation, Marcus. For that show. Okay. It was Napa that was that called trouble trouble. So yes, of course, it's a classic. That's a great up. So that was the only ridgeville Star Trek series. And I was written by David Gerald who actually went to college with my.

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