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There was a strong negative. Delta see thirteen in Richmond of iron manganese and frostless zinc in the shock melt supports Nario. So they're saying that that's another set of data that leads to helps them form their conclusion. Okay. So what do you think of that iron oxidizing microbes? Evidence of and that's what I thought is line of evidence. Yeah. I mean, what's the level of energy in in like said ising process? Like is there does that exist on the literally have no idea? That's a great question. And we need, you know, a chemist. I think to come on sort of that whether you know, how exactly to know how to IMF O S you right, right? Exactly. I think it raises a lot of the same questions that scientists had twenty three years ago when the nineteen ninety six announcement was also made and is is this enough is this enough to affectively move the marker saying, you know, microbial life to possible microbial life. The fact that this new piece of data has been basically discovered, I don't know possible. What does that mean? Right. Where you know. It's it's. I think it's still in the realm of sheer speculation, and we have to wait to hear other interpretations. And obviously other laboratories are imagine going to conduct the same test to verify the results to see that it is there. But also doesn't really get us any closer to try to make some kind of definitive statement. And I think the fact that back in nineteen Ninety-six. I I remember when President Clinton talked about this. And it was a big deal. You guys remember? Yeah. I don't think we're going to have anything like that again this time around, but it just goes eight. Oh, you that. Yeah. Exactly. The continues the debate continues. The study continues do seem to be various camps here. But I think so far those who are taking the skeptical approach are being the most prudent at this moment. Yeah. Yeah. I think so by the way, I was looking it up Evans. So there are three main types of meteorites that have features in common that have been linked to Mars the biggest. Group is the Shergar tights. But then also the knack lights in the Chesapeake nights. So some of those features are the type of minerals its oxidation. And also, it's the fact that they at some point in their past. They were magma they were melted. So you need a large enough body to melt the rock, it wouldn't happen in a small asteroid, for example, that was sort of one of the first Ave. Yeah. There's something different about these meteorites the, and they sort of group them together. And then eventually they were able to make that link to Mars itself. And yes, three quarters of the meteorites that we've discovered so far are in there the short tight category. And that's just based upon the details of exactly what kind of minerals are found in there in what what forms, but it was it's interesting all the ways in which they although different lines of evidence by which they said, yeah, these are probably from Mars, and then it was the definitive connection was when they were able to compare it to to data that we got back from the pros. Yeah. They talk about the nineteen Ninety-six announcement sort of being the precursor in almost the relaunching and reinvestment by by NASA in going back to Mars to try to find some more definitive answers on. Yes. Remember that? So in a way, you know, even though we don't yes, we don't have any definitive answer. We cannot come to any conclusion based on this. But it did cause things to go into motion that did get us. You know, Rovers Landers and observers satellites and other things all around Mars, which is you know, we've had great success ever since. So that's a plus I wonder if it also contributed to our obsession with going to Mars which kinda displaced going back to the moon for a couple of decades. And now, we're sort realize. Yeah, Mars is too. Big a goal, man. We should just go to the moon. And now, we're refocusing our efforts on the movement. I wonder how much the life on Mars bug as it were. Delayed had our. I think that will never know. Will you need to dispatch enough to just set?.

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