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Is a reason some Lake Michigan beaches seem a bit smaller these days like Michigan's water level is higher than average according to the U. S. army corps of engineers the lakes water level has risen about four feet since January twenty thirteen when it was at a record low channel eleven reports because of the rising water and sand erosion some beaches will appear smaller while some of actually gotten significantly smaller such as the dog beach at foster Avenue which had to be closed after it essentially went under water significant erosion is also occurred at oak street beach and northerly island walking past such as the one circling the Adler planetarium will be rendered on a walkable is water washes over the pavement you're Goodis newsradio one of five point nine FM it's only been a few days since the gas type CAC gas tax hike in Illinois but some gas stations are already feeling the effects Raleigh keen owns Keene brothers gas on a hundred and eleventh in the Beverly Morgan park neighborhood and at fifty fifth than central of by midway he says customers are going to Indiana for not only cheaper gas but cheaper cigarettes yes very work it's just going to continue when I go there for gas they grab their other things lottery their cigarettes their beverages and what not we're not only lose in gallons are sold but also our other merchandise that we would sell he says between those two things there's a big difference in the price between Illinois and Indiana WBBM news time at three.

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