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Talk faster goodell. Talk faster come on. You can do it. You can do it. Elijah something something they have. It rolled it over over rollet marlet. They're still trying to figure out the name. It's selection draft at selection elijah vera. Tucker ago but no oh they legit. It's still selection on telev- why is his picture like that. We're having some technical problems on the espn v. That the law. I like the one dude. Like peeking peeking in the window behind them. That's that's great anyway. Back to tim o. Back to tim tebow. So he's like. I worked out with the jaguars. I wanna come back and play football. And they're like everyone's like oh my god that's great that's awesome. That's wonderful you for you. And aaron rodgers decided he was not going to be outdone and he wanted the attention solely on him so for whatever reason aaron rodgers decided to just lose his shit today or at least like public irs about him lost day publicly announced that he's losing his mind in in green bay and basically he stated or it got leaked in. I think he came out and said it though he has not said sources close to him and been saying everything yes. Oh he's not come out and said anything thank you. I'm not sure what the chain of events were. Basically somebody said to the press that aaron rodgers. Just not want to return to green bay. He he told the packers he wants out. he's done. He wants out after last season. He's tired of being disrespected. He wants to go somewhere else. Extend me or trade me either way and guess what. Don't accent me. i'm not come back. Yeah and there were rumors about this at the end of last season. Which it's like you know they've setting up sitting pretty but they haven't really drafted anybody to help him. They haven't really tried to build a team as it were. They've kind of made some really weird picks over the last few years for the packers and they're sort of resting everything on him and errands almost forty and he needs people to be able to catch the ball for him and run the ball for him in that kind of thing and they just don't have that like the packers are good but they're not as good as they could be better. Basically they said on television tonight the last two playmakers. They've drafted have been our rogers. And what. what's the name jordan. Love yup in the first round two quarterbacks so you know what that means yeah and basically everybody's comparing it to brett farr which is fair because brett farve kind of did a similar situation. Except he's sort of retired at to get out of his contract and then he went to the vikings he just like peacedale. Did he retire. I think that's how that went. I think he retired. He faked retirement. I think yeah. He faced retirement to get out of his contract with green bay and then he came back for the vikings because there was a whole like scandal about it he got traded to the jets retired from the jets and came back to my kids but there was still a whole scandal about it because everybody was pissed to know he retired with the jets out of his contract with the jets that with the packers just clarifying teams but said he just. Let's just giving giving specifics twelve. i'm here for. we've another. pick.

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