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The violent lamar case dan was in court every day for violent the bar the principle of the bizarre elementary school uh who is jammed up on the and was and was found guilty in district court yesterday of the violation of the 24hour reporting rule dan has a nice synapse piece and i would might picking his brain as to where he thinks this whole all things going to go earlier today tara granahan had the head of the teachers' union providence who more or less you know when after the superintendent than the mayor for not doing what they should have been doing on the diligence of the 2016 law that was passed regarding this uh this also a story in the paper today in the providence journal were lindeborg the education writer highlights this this kind of still spotty understanding of of what the law requires and it's just you know for something that is so serious and that is keeping children safe it is it is just crazy that we don't have across the board and consistent protocols for these scenarios that pop up whether it be a a student that's alleged to be abusing a student or a faculty member that being alleged of neil abusing a student so um i think those conversations are still important and in a while we still wait for whatever superior court process occurs for principal lamar the conversation has become much more macro in nature no doubt right uh so we we've got a lot going on i think the pawsox conversation and the governor will probably be later in the program chris maxwell from the round trucking association only has an early afternoon availability i really wanted to get his thought on on this conversation station about the tolls now just the background the of the road works programme has now been active for a couple of years highway construction is gone on going out there there is uh i think most people are happy about about the highway and bridge constant and construction that has been happening the roadworks program for the most part is centred on on bridges and the tolls that have been federally approved sort of and a.

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