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One, six of. La Los Angeles dodgers stand up. La Lakers stand up Preston Peace Kobe Bryant's guess what we are the champions. motherfucking building also. So now. Swami Baby. So armee baby. Let's just continue before we get into your actual label. Now when you were selling these bras, sa rich rocks the you have your label already know I was I was still. Thirteen fourteen. So you'll still learning the game. Yeah I was I was I was still wearing the game exactly now. Obviously, you were in different genres of music with funk or they're just straight hip hop whether it was in be was oldies but just for the moment, let's talk about Chicano rap. Yeah. Okay. Let's talk about because we mentioned the Caponi mister deeds the the the royalties, the night owls, little ones the Shadows Little Rob's we can keep going on. Yeah. Okay now. Nineteen. Ninety. Bras. Dropped aren't net explodes. Nine hundred and ninety. That's when it came out. Damn. Okay. Okay. So now two thousand, twenty, thirty years later. Okay. Thirty years later Oku and then got him still here that I can talk about it. Yeah. So now. I saw Chicano rap doing this. report it was Culture GonNa. Rap was doing this. Yeah. I think he hit the two thousand and he started going straight. And I think for some region around two thousand, five to seven I may be wrong but is just my observation is started going like this. And I still think is going there why? So. Here's what I'm asking. Why isn't it nostril going here? Why do you think it is or is it there? Yeah. I mean that's that's a question. You know. I think. It's important to understand. What even. This level of the bar is. The success level. Can Be this high or you could be here and you'll be successful but obviously, the highest point is, let's just say drake for example, I, mean that guy's a genius. Right. So why why hasn't? Anybody from from our movement elevated to that right?.

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