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Of resources within that agency that they may be leading to mass arrests, but there is just not the infrastructure or the manpower to be able to successfully deport millions of people at one time. TSA agents are going to be heading to the southern border, that's confirmed by the agency, which now has a tough balancing act, hundreds of TSA personnel, who would normally be working in airports, and other TSA posts have been deployed to the US Mexico border, according to TSA acting deputy administrator, Patricia cogs, well, cogs, well, telling reporters off, Mike, that all TSA employees taking part at the border volunteered. And the TSA is trying to very carefully manage the volunteers, because TSA also asked to deal with the projected record-setting summer travel season at his ABC's Alec stone. A bipartisan call for restraint after Iran shot down a US drone over the strait of removes the US claims it was over international waters. Iran says it was over a rainy, airspace, ABC's Mary Bruce has been talking with members of congress little appetite to respond militarily from a lot of people that we have spoken with obviously leader Pelosi has been urging caution. We heard her earlier today, there is no appetite for war, and even many top Republic. Cnn's have been urging caution here when asked about how the president would respond saying that, that now is the time to up the pressure to use a maximum pressure campaign but not to be taking further. Military action secretary general is calling on all parties to avoid action that could inflame the situation Russia's President Vladimir Putin QNA's session today said he was open to talks with the US, but said anything, President Trump says now we'll be with the election mine, which complicates relations. He's also accused the US generating fake news reports about Russia Putin says he wants to talk about rules on cyberspace with the US and that sanctions against Russia. Our mistake..

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