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Cos Allowed to survive or small businesses shut down. Can't feed their families can't survive. The Republican legislators want more say in the governor's covert decisions, so I haven't heard a single floor speech and I haven't read the text of any of those those bills yet. I think my focus is where it should be in every other minute has been on the budget. The governor will deliver a joint state of the Commonwealth and Budget address tonight at seven o'clock eastern time. Whole miles. News radio 8 40, wh A yes staying in the capital. That's where Governor Bashir announced 1700 additional cases of covert 19. On Tuesday, Governor Bashir reported another 23 coronavirus related deaths, increasing the state's death toll to 2772. There was some good news to report, however, total doses administered in Kentucky. This number is better than it was yesterday. 66,582 that is an increase just from yesterday of 6168. Kentucky's positivity rate is currently 11.4%. Kaley Hansen News radio. Wait, 40 wh Yes, Your next news update is at 7 30. I'm Will Clark news radio A 40 w h A s. Now is your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword hope to 202 100. You'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest that's hope. Had 202 100. Your next chance to win is this morning after the eight o'clock news, one use radio Wait. 40 doubled way. J s good morning 705. Toni Kroos, along with Will Clark and Scott Fitzgerald and William about the governor and what the Legislature is looking at, Tapering, I guess would be the best in order to use it is the Senate bill one that would require a governor? You get the Legislature's permission to extend a state of emergency beyond 30 days. I mean, I could see the just being pretty contentious between, obviously, but you're and the other representatives the house and in the Senate, but it looks like this is gonna become long. So what is that going to me? Ultimately, I mean, if.

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