Ireland, Emerald Isle, Samuel Beckett discussed on Prime Minister's Questions


Dole is celebrating its one hundred anniversary the crucible of deprivation and famine Ireland has emerged as confident and ascendant nation on the forefront of innovation in modern global economy today, the emerald isle is firmly a world leader in green technologies in the clean economy. Even pioneering nethon to harness the tide of the great sees that break along Ireland's legendary coast, your leadership continues to be offensive in a world threatened by the climate crisis recognizing that our future prosperity depends on bold action. For sustainability. But we know those of us know that Ireland and United States must do better. And we must do more. And we can do it together. It is challenge that we must all meet together with the fierce urgency demands. This is a public health issue a decision for clean air and clean. Water is an economic issue for creating good green jobs of future and way that will create opportunity and reduce income inequality in our society is security decision to keep us safe Weaver in guard before we came here and the generals. They're told us that climate is a national security issue throughout the world in terms of challenges that it creates and it is immoral decisions to believe as I do that this is God's creation, then we have a moral responsibility to be good stewards. And even if you don't hear that view. We all know that we have a moral responsibility. To future generations to hand is planet over in a responsible way. So I hope that we can work together in very special way because Ireland is big enough to be impactful small enough to be agile and aren't educated entrepreneurial to show the world smart growth. We can learn a lot from you. As president Kennedy said he said, the supreme reality of our time is our indivisibility as children of God, and our common vulnerability on this plant, the beauty of Irish innovation and Irish thinking has long stretched around the globe. You probably know that there's serious recognition that the Irish have a way with words. It's been said by the as a matter of fact. Produce the world for the world. Some of the greatest writers of poetry and prose the English language has ever known. William Butler Yeats would redefined poetry James. Joyce would redefine the novel. Samuel Beckett would redefine theater. She miss Haney would win Nobel prize for his own lyricism. And introduce us. I love this one to one of our oldest English text.

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