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Rhoda real nice article up about him that that includes a lot of information so Mr Jordan was forty nine and I'll tell you what that means to me is seven years older than I am forty nine and good health he's from Boise county so union bricklayer he has seven kids and seven grandkids so we're talking about doing our duty as a Kentucky and as a patriotic American so we're talking about reducing our contacts as we're talking about the difference in the loss that we are going to have if we strictly comply versus if we poorly comply this one the folks that we lost right amazing person loved by his family in by his community so every one of these losses is very very real and today with these three worth forty where forty here in Kentucky I was gonna be more and there's gonna be a number more and while we can model what we think will say NO no one's ever dealt with with this virus before I can't tell you a final number that we might have people we lose if we strictly versus poorly comply what I can tell you is that there will be individuals that are still here for their families and for their friends if each and everyone of us does our our duty that's not just me saying that his family saying that to they're sharing their pain and their loss he was in Detroit doing a job and insisted that he be helped up there in quarantine up there to not bring it home to his family think about that he made a decision that even in his last moments in life you'd rather protect them then maybe get that connection at the a closer connection that that would help him during that period it's the type of sacrifice in this is this family sacrifice they are making and the most difficult time to make sure that this is very real for all of us all right let's do about ten minutes of questions it's Saturday afternoon and and we'll hopefully get people out a little bit earlier I think today we have Morgan Watkins and Eleanor Buckley and Shelby Loftin with us today and then I have some questions here so I will go kind of in order and then back and forth to the to the question shall be wanna start us off.

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