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Dean as quick five brought to you by Caltech just a reminder that China is Blanco The Washington Times says that while the Chinese control of U. S. pharmaceutical supply sparks a growing concern as the war of words between China and the United States over there Wuhan coronavirus heats up Chinese state media again raised the specter of using Beijing's pharmaceutical leverage to block critical components reports Washington times and swell we'll see how that goes I think we can probably true I mean I think we're pretty sure we can do something about that issue her with our discussion with US senator John Cornyn at three AM is sending five hundred thousand respirators to New York and Seattle as cities combat Wuhan corona virus outbreak of course in a meeting with vice president pence as well they have a big supply of then and now the regulations on medical and the industrial respirators now that that's been and the liabilities been lifted three M. CEO and chairman Mike Roman said that the company has double also it's global output to one point one billion N. ninety five respirators per year amounts to a hundred million per month factors in the U. S. alone are developing thirty five million respirators per month they said ninety percent of those are going to health care workers the other industries critical in our pandemic energy food and pharmaceutical companies the private sector gets a don ladies and gentleman so coming up here well Ken Paxton that compaction sorry Dan Patrick he had a really weird sound bite we're gonna play that for you five is brought to you by Caltech innovative quality performance how.

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