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Performance by lorry anderson and the krona's quartet we heard several excerpts beginning with the water rises that led directly into dreams which i don't know about you but i find that hilarious uh and then the dark side and built you a mountain as i mentioned earlier landfall is work that she wrote after hurricane sandy hit new york and after the flood which as you'll hear later in the peace really hit her quite hard in terms of things that she lost but this this piece has room for ruminations on different kinds of loss as you'll hear in a bit and this certainly that rai sense of humor that lorry anderson has long been known for on this edition of new sounds we are hearing some excerpts from landfall but also some kind of likeminded work send this next piece is by the icelandic composer and producer valber cigarettes than who is really the kind of the hub around which the reykjavik music community circles he's also closely tied to new york through his longstanding collaboration with composing mieko merely and we're going to hear an excerpt from his piece for what sounds like a single violin a highly prepared or treated piano and electronics called architecture of loss here's music by your secrets and the ooh who mm.

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