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Meals to the community for over thirty years silver diner much more than a diner five thirty eight C. price again whether on the aids and when it breaks by a time of a Sunday morning made more quiet by the lack of volume on the roadways belly runs very quietly in both Virginia and Maryland it Virginia southbound three ninety five the is that we have the disabled vehicle on the ramp to glebe road that has officially picked up and gone away everything is back in decent working order the express lanes is still shut down will be probably through most of the afternoon maybe get those back this evening certainly we'll have them back in time for those who have to commute on Monday morning ninety five is quiet as far south as Fredericksburg and the express lanes are open and running northward as they would be this hour morning on sixty six we still had the issue out by Haymarket exit forty the right lane blocked being described as an incident has all the earmarks of a work cell but not really clear what the deck what the Dickens it is whatever it is it's out there on the Maryland side is still fairly quiet ninety five B. W. parkway to seventy all without to life still with the issue on great Seneca highway through Gaithersburg at Sam eig highway someone overshot the intersection went up in the woods tow truck is there this a police investigation too so you have some investigators walking around in the early morning light with caution for who may be in the roadway follow their direction to get around but not a serious impact on traffic at the moment in the districts out the southwest freeway doing very well with no delays to two ninety fives are quiet some closures around the Lincoln Memorial already taking effect ahead of the virtual town hall with the president tonight big number of closures coming up around noon time including the Arlington Memorial Bridge and independence Avenue you can find the full list of closures online at W. T. O. P. dot com IBM Kroc award for do that these are challenging times in rocket mortgage by quicken loans is prepared to help if you need mortgage assistance contact thirteen twenty four seven at rocket mortgage dot com from their home to yours the team with rocket mortgage is with you Ian Crawford WTOP traffic cloudy and mild to start off our Sunday temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties and then warming into the low seventies to upper seventies later on this afternoon clouds will persist.

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