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The travel industry has taken a major hit because of covid nineteen and today's listener. Today's qna wednesday question from jim is spot on. How do you pivot. How do you change how to make something happen. When you took such a blow. I recognize the truth of the matter. The truth of the matter is because of covid. people can't travel or at least depending on the country. You're on the can't travel easily or safely. This is a suction we all say to ourselves. But it's partly true. Can't travel maybe internationally but people can do some traveling like a road trip even if you're in a country like australia where they really are super super strict when it comes to the covert restrictions where the close the borders between states like. You can't leave the for example. New south wales which is a stash rilya when there are a few cases pop up. You know the borders get close but you can travel within new south wales. So let's just define the problem. You can't travel internationally. travel blogger. the world's your choice ter- and there's so much material out there but this is an opportunity for you to create a different stream of income a different <hes>. Chapter in your business career. Local travel road trips exploring. What's in your backyard. And of course you could start with your own local area but just because you can't go somewhere. Let's say for example. You can't go to australia and <hes>. Help people in their local area to do some local travel you can curate some content curate. Some ideas from other videos other blogs and serve your audience for example in new south wales in australia. You can go to beaches. You can go to the blue mountains. You can go skiing. In the winter. In kosciusko mountain you can go to byron bay which is scored like a yoga hippie. Beachie vibe you can go. There's so many options within the state and people are hungry for break right so this is another option. Just kind of pivoting your business. Creating maybe books guys videos courses live. Coaching calls summits events where you help people or guide them to travel. Locally is easy for us to focus on problems and not think about. What can i do rather than i can't do. So yes you can't travel internationally but you can locally or you can help people travel locally another thing that comes to mind when it comes to travel blogging. It's like hey. I usually do. Exotic locations like how to go to vietnam for two weeks under three thousand dollars or backpacking around europe. And these are not really options anymore for your target audience. Yes they can't travel now but any of these trips will require planning and planning can be done anywhere. For example nicole took eight weeks and did a bit of traveling in europe and that trip took about nine months. The plan we did with some friends of ours. Jason and carolina zuck with a lot of fun. But there's a lot of coordination especially you want to many countries the different modes of transport. Those flying this train. There's renting cars there's accommodations their sites. They wanna see in each city. There's downtime there's beaches there <hes>. You wanna shop so it takes time to plan a trip like that and for most people. They're not going to go on a trip. Like i gotta go to europe every day or go to vietnam every day or go to costa rica so they want to make the most and planning is a part of that and in my opinion planning is a big part of the fun of going on a big epic journey. A big trip is a travel blogger. You can really hone in on the planning part the preparation part of actual travel. And that's from the bag of tricks. Of rick steves <hes>. He really focuses on the planning. You can do the same and you can even do <hes>. A little bit of a niche thing like budget or luxury and you can even just down a little bit and either do luxury travel or budget travel or to travel in a big group that type of thing and this is actually a good time to do it because you know people are starting to see. Hey maybe we are on the other side of cova. The vaccine is how maybe in six seven nine months. It's possible to travel somewhere. Maybe in a year and that's just enough time to get the planning going to have everything sorted out so when you can't travel it's all planned out. You're all set. You're all excited. You're all packed and you're ready to go so planning is a big part of that so maybe spend some time focusing on that on your block. What to pack <hes>. Luggage what to buy beforehand. What about travel insurance. These are all ways for you to really have revenue streams where you can do amazon associates and get commissioned when you recommend certain products items. I always say when it's downtime in your business for example in the software world and the bbc world december january notorious for being slow. So when it's slow when you're having a downtime it's a great time for you invest in content. So if right now things are a little slow in your travel blog. This a chance for you to really invest the time in building a youtube channel in writing a book on your travels and why you should travel or where you should travel to travel guides because it's going to take some time for you to create this content publish it put on the world market and by time it's all set and done people will start thinking about traveling again and it's an asset that you can use forever. It's not like you write a book and you only can sell it tomorrow. You could sell it for years to come. and of course it's trout guide. You can use as a basis to sir. Updating it year after year the other day our team at women ninja were running. Some webinars get. We like to use their own software and one of our team members. Cj she sharing some photos from our last <hes>. Team retreat in bali and we were reminiscent with these photos. And who's just reminding is a how much of a great time we had on that trip. I thought to myself how many people take all these photos when the epic trips and they never look at them they never reminisce. They never really looked at it. And say wow what a great time. Those are ray positive feelings and more people should do that to remember the good times. remember the travels. So that's something you can lead that something that you can create for your community a weekly webinar where somebody can share their last trip. Share the photos share what they learn. Share their favorite memories. Everybody in the webinar can experience that plays virtually and get really excited about when they're going to go and see that place and of course if they're doing the sharing gives them a chance to rekindle their love for travel.

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