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Wednesday thursday friday. I have thirteen hour days up here. I've been trying to lose the week and staying out of the bars You know just been been going through some other stuff and it's it can be a little bit of a lonely existence that our on that set with him is my therapy. Like people are always like. Oh he treats it this way number one. He's one of my best friends number two. You're doing this with your friends at the track. The only difference is we have a microphone. Attached to head and a camera in front of you guys didn't do another picnic tables and benches the only difference. Really the only difference so for me. It's therapy i love it. I enjoy it everyday. And part of it is the fact that you probably couldn't get two guys who love the game as much as we do to see it for the most part from two completely different perspectives. That i think that's not only the only to be educational but it's gonna be a lot of fun so it makes the tv. How's how's things going. Hr and before for we leave everything Everything good everything's bobby newman's but do what everything from altoona iowa fairy meadows. Yeah yeah it's been. We did a little bit of a role versus east on hosting race. Shows down more and the The analyst role which is going well and picking a lot more with us. So that's not something to complain about we still have the weekend stakes for you. Call in shows. Those does ever so yeah. I mean rolling along over there. The forms three hours now mike Usually at the helm of that. Yeah everything's everything's good..

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