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As hell. My friend who was just texting me that lives out there, said it finally cooled off the last day or so. But now The air, Smokey all around the fire. Yeah. I mean, it's all over the place. Some of these air, huge fires, and this 14 year old is sitting there watching a fire encroach on his house. And he says, this is just getting closer and closer and closer. He lives with his uncle, Joshua Smith and his uncle's wife, Jamie, and they live in the Cold Springs Ranch area of Mono Indians and Native American Reserve. That has been threatened by this creek. Fire. There are over 175,000 acres of hills that have been burned by this fire, and it was getting closer and closer to where they are. Problem is they had a vehicle there, but nobody knew how to drive and the 14 year old said. We don't have a choice. There's flames all around them jumps in the car. Turns. The keys knows the basics puts the car in drive and learns how to drive well in getting away from the fire, all of them, it says California team learns to drive while escaping the wildfire. No room for mistakes. Just focus. Ignore the blaze and the steep cliff on the side of the road. You think the first time you drove when you were frightened? You think that that was scary? No. When you're trying to outrun a wildfire, and you've no idea what you're doing, That's certainly that's like movie stuff. It is. Yeah, that's like something you kind of wouldn't believe that That situation would occur. But you watch that and go. I mean, that seems exhilarating, terrifying, but in a fun way, hitting the gas, the flames like whipping at the side of the car, and you're just learning how to drive. On DH. Thank God they were able to get out of there. Okay? There was a rally for President Trump because we're in the middle of this political campaign season. It'll be over before you know it folks less than 60 days, I believe until the election and Trump at a rally in Michigan.

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