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To to compete. David browning said you know he loved the idea that he's seeing you know former breeders cup betting challenge winners and being able to stand toe to toe with them and not at a disadvantage. Because he's not willing to make you know whatever. Ten thousand dollar bet on on one race the other thing fund about these shows that i think this audience in particular would like steve as we get very interactive in the comets. The audience is part of the show. And we're always asking people for their picks and their rationale and asking questions of them that they're answering. They're asking questions with us. It's the most interactive thing that i that i'm involved in in horse racing and just like we were talking about before with derby trail. It's it's it's a chance to really be a community and act like a community in real time and it makes the broadcast very very unique and fun. And i think the people listening to this in particular would be great addition team. We want to hear what you have to say your experiences and stories as we continue along on our horse plane. Journeys very nice. Well paid I appreciate it a lot of fun and happy healthy. Many more We will see you later this afternoon and remind everybody there's also if you're contest Oriented you've got you. Gotta whitney challenge coming up at saratoga. This weekend and Every week as well he got the low roller and lot of the countless opportunities. But this weekend. The whitney challenge three thousand the dollar live money. Good one to highlight. I'm going to be doing a little show with duke matiz on track on saturday steve. We're going to go at nine fifteen dump. We used to do years ago. Exactly exactly and then at ten thirty. I'm doing a show at the brentwood. We're gonna have bagels free bagels and bloody marys. Naomi tucker in from maryland for the weekend going to catch up with her chance. And those will both be posted as podcast if people can't get out there but it's great. I love it when people say hi. And i love it when they specifically mentioned either podcasts or hearing me on on at the races it's been such a great experience over the years. Gosh it's been et. hiddink steve. Since two thousand fifteen. I've been had the pleasure of coming on with you and it's always great to hear people who know me from from either of these formats and a big thank you For all the help you provided over the years and especially for those nice birthday wishes as well. My pleasure paid for it's l. Everybody looms boldly and the in the money players podcast and all the all the players that are involved. Pete thank you. My friend beat for detail. Let's take a break. Top of the hour and i think i think we're i think we got the irs out. Grab a cup of coffee. That's what i should do because we we. We took the took the coffee pot off of the counter yesterday. Put it away. And so i i only had. They only had two little keurigs so Let me go get a cup of coffee sit. Fernando is going to join us. We got bill gallo to come bill. Downs from indiana white is going to visit from iowa who won himself a three thousand dollar john deere x. Three thirty in the big five contests. We're to talk to kirk. And we got seth as well. Brad cox's most is by at some point as well and who knows what else the wacky hijinks going on today. Back after this apple races. With steve big on sirius. Xm radio there's a great story to tell pennsylvania. only three states have produced more breeders. Cup champions in new state can match our performance in recent years since two thousand sixteen. Our numbers of mir's bread has skyrocketed. Unlike the national trend in this year's life goal report shows pennsylvania up over fifty percent why her incentives and bonuses are the best in north america. Please visit us at pa. Brad dot com and see why. 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I have our team take over your bookkeeping or continue to do yourself. Any oklahoma subscription check checkout video tutorial on the poston dot com youtube channel and get started for free or spills dot com toll. Free number eight eight eight nine eight four six four. Three thoroughbred horse racing returns to the home state of secretariat when colonial downs in virginia conducted summer season with a new afternoon racing schedule and minimum daily persons of five hundred thousand dollars. The season runs from july nineteenth to september. I was racing every monday. Tuesday and wednesday at one forty five pm. Mark your calendars for colonial down signature of the great three virginia derby on tuesday august thirty first. All races will be broadcast on tv. This summer. colonial downs now running monday tuesday wednesday afternoons at one forty five pm..

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